EURIAL – Major player in the dairy industry in France

EURIAL is a major player in the dairy industry, involved in all stages of dairy production, from the collection of milk to its processing and marketing. The company brings together 23 milk and cheese dairies in France, and it operates 4 logistical platforms handling nearly 650,000 tons of products per year.   ThermoKey collaborated with Axima Refrigeration France in the project for the refrigeration of one of EURIAL’s logistical platforms. Located in the municipality of La Crèche,...

Dry Cooler with blowing fans

Custom reference: Dry Cooler with blowing fans Reverse forced-draught air-cooled radiators can be used to cool water or other fluids in various industrial applications: diesel and biodiesel, gas power plants, steel, chemical, food, etc. APPLICATION The units will be used during the plant maintenance process of some refineries in Kazakhstan. POWER 8 Dry coolers with a capacity of 1.825kW each. FEATURES Dry Cooler with single cooling circuit designed and manufactured to...
Refhyne green hydrogen PEM

Refhyne – for green hydrogen in Europe

Refhyne green hydrogen PEM Developed by a European consortium, the Refhyne project aims at accelerating the production of green hydrogen and helps to achieve the goal of climate neutrality in Europe. Started up by Shell in its energy and chemical park in Germany, near Cologne, Europe's largest renewable hydrogen production plant will be the first to use large-scale PEM technology in a refinery. Polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolysers are more compact than the traditional...
Neutral Thermal Baths Austria

New refrigeration centre – First CO2 neutral thermal baths in Austria

A new refrigeration centre for the thermal baths Autumn is a time for spas and wellness, especially at the SPA Resort Therme Geinberg: staying here allows you to enjoy the treatments offered with the awareness of staying in Austria's first CO2 neutral thermal bath. Like the SPA Resort Therme Geinberg, we at ThermoKey are also committed to sustainability and environmental awareness, and we are happy that this structure has chosen us as a partner for the installation of chillers and drycoolers...
Geothermal electricity production Colombia

Rank – Geothermal electricity production in Colombia

What is geothermal energy? Geothermal energy is a stable source of energy that is obtained from the heat present in the earth's subsoil. It is available and accessible in many parts of the world, but today it is a highly underutilized resource. Geothermal electricity production Colombia Environmental impact Geothermal energy is a clean energy. Compared to other renewable energy sources, the absence of combustion processes contribute to the reduction of pollutant and CO2 emissions into the...
Strawberry Plants Coldroom Refrigeration

Coldroom for strawberry plants preservation in France

Strawberry Plants Coldroom Refrigeration A french company specilized in the production and marketing of strawberry plants, asparagus crowns and young red fruits plants chose ThermoKey for the refrigeration system of preservation coldroom. ThermoKey supplied HEN unit cooler, units used in storage coldrooms for vegetables such as potatoes, onions, carrots and plants. This type of unit cooler has been designed for coldrooms where high air volumes and high cooling capacity (kW) are required. HEN...
manufacturing microelectronic components sophia

Sofia, Bulgaria – International Group Manufacturing Microelectronics Components

manufacturing microelectronic components sofia ThermoKey supplied units for the conditioning of the Bulgarian plant of an important global group manufacturing microelectronics components. Nowadays when the global electronic chip crisis is strongly felt, this important company is participating in several projects aimed at providing microchips for the automotive, industrial, medical and hi-tech (smartphone) sectors. The Sofia plant is the largest in the Group, with more than 450 employees. ...
Orcan Energy AG Cover

Orcan Energy AG – Kirchweidach, Germany

Orcan Energy AG Germany It is a modern imperative to reduce waste and to produce clean energy. Orcan Energy AG responded to this need and, thanks to its experience and know-how, ThermoKey has been involved with Orcan Energy in different projects in the industrial and power generation sectors. The Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) is a technology that allows to safely produce CO2-free electricity regardless of the type of waste heat source. It makes no difference what type of engine or turbine the...
Organic Rankine Cycle ENOGIA Cover Image

Béziers incinerator – Organic Rankine Cycle ENOGIA

Organic Rankine Cycle ENOGIA Wherever there are material and goods manufacturing processes, there are unit swhich, when operating, produce waste heat (unused heat streams) released by radiation, cooling fluids, exhaust gases or air. Sources of waste heat in industry can be furnaces, waste water from washing processes, drying or cooling processes, but also  refrigeration systems or the exhaust air from production plants. The industrial market is the one with the highest proportion of...
Stainless Steel Remote Condensers for a dairy processing industry in Scotland


3 Stainless steel Power-J Remote Condensers Special V-Type for Ammonia. Stainless Steel Remote Condensers for a dairy processing industry in Scotland ThermoKey has supplied 3 new design JVAKH2890B1 Q1E EP (EC) S. These special V-type remote condensers are provided with 16 fans each (900mm diameter) serving chillers that cool milk circuits for a total capacity of 2,5 MW. Stainless steel tubes, headers and weld-on connections; Hydrophobic blue fins; Painted RAL 7035 FeZn casing; Use...
Belgium - Sustainable Icelandic fisheries

Belgium – Sustainable Icelandic fisheries

Processing and sale of fresh and chilled fish products Fieuw Koeltechniek is a Belgian company specialized in CO2 systems. It has engineered a project for a Belgian company whose core business is the processing and sale of fresh and chilled fish products from sustainable Icelandic fisheries and fish supplied from local Belgian fish auctions. ThermoKey has been chosen by Fieuw Koeltechniek for the supply of the units used to improve the conditions of the company’s processing coldrooms, thus...


Gas Cooler The new V-type ThermoKey gas cooler equipped with an evaporative panel system has been designed following a specific market demand to increase the capacity and efficiency of transcritical CO2 systems. The peculiar V-shaped structure allows to make the most out of the adiabatic system and reduce the overall dimensions of the installation. These units with the option of adiabatic air cooling allow an efficient operation even in regions where the ambient temperature could exceed 40 °...
Automotive spare parts industry Serbia

Pančevo, Serbia – Automotive spare parts industry

automotive-spare-parts-serbia Location Pančevo, Serbia  Machine Model: JGH2890C2/02Q2EIAF(EC)(WFS)S, 3 units Total Power 30000 kW Application Automotive market - Car spare parts industry automotive-spare-parts-serbia Client's Needs Cool down the water of the chillers used in the production process of mechatronic systems for the production of car doors and seats. During Winter time our Dry Coolers work in freecooling. ThermoKey Solution ThermoKey...
Production LED Cars Serbia

Niš, Serbia – Production of led lights for cars

Production LED Cars Serbia Location Niš, Serbia Machine Model: SJGH2790C5/02W3EEP(EC)S, 2 units JGH2690C1/02W3EEP(EC), 3 units Capacity 6750 kW Application Automotive market: Production of LED lights for cars Production LED Cars Serbia Client's Needs Cool down the water of the chillers used in the production process. ThermoKey Solution ThermoKey supplied 3 Power-J Drycoolers and 2 Super Power-J Dry Coolers, both with EC fans and speed controller. Added...
Cars Tires Production Serbia

Kruševac, Serbia – Production of tires for cars

Cars Tires Production Serbia Location Kruševac, Serbia Machine Model: JGH2790C1/02Q2EIAF(EC)S, 1 unit JGH2890C1/02Q2EIAF(EC)S, 1 unit Capacity 1780 kW Application Automotive market: Production of car tires Cars Tires Production Serbia Client's Needs Cool down the water of the chillers used in the production process. ThermoKey Solution ThermoKey supplied a Power-J Drycooler with EC fans, speed controller and manometer Added value The high efficiency...
drycooler installed at one european State Mint

State Mint – Cooling down production machines

The State Mint Dry coolers state mint In 2021, 5,839.9 million banknotes were printed by the European state mints for a total of 209,273.5 million euros. The production of 6,088.0 million banknotes is expected for 2022, for a total of 305,810.0 million euros. The environmental impact of each cash transaction is 4.6 grams of CO2 and it is mostly due to the production phase of the coins and to the "operational" phase, which includes the operation of ATMs and the transport of coins and banknotes....
chile salmon processing plant drycooler

Chile – State of the art – Salmon Processing Plant

Introduction chile salmon processing plant ThermoKey is proud it was involved in the creation of this world-class salmon processing plant, designed with cutting-edge technologies for a sustainable development of the environment and of the community. 70 million dollars were invested for the construction of the infrastructure needed for the processing of 71,280 tons of raw material (finished product), the most advanced of Chile. The plant was designed to achieve zero impact, in compliance with...
Heat pump dry cooler tailored inclination to customer's need - article cover image

Heat Pump Dry Cooler – Switzerland

Customized solutions ThermoKey, in its 30 years of experience, has been developing and applying the best industrial tailor-made solutions for chiller manufacturers and installers, combining expertise, market knowledge and innovation to deliver optimal results in terms of reliability, durability, delivery time, environmental sustainability and reduction of consumptions. Flexibility in finding intelligent solutions and quick response time make us stand out from our competitors, and has allowed...
Bologna Tecnopolo ECMWF DataCentre

Bologna Tecnopolo – ECMWF Data Centre

What Great News! Bologna Tecnopolo ECMWF DataCentre Italy will have a new excellence: the new data center of the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) with one of the ten most powerful supercomputers in the world. Based at the Bologna Technopole, it will process data from satellites, ground stations, marine buoys, airplanes and ships from all over the world and provide weather forecasts to all European member countries, key information for national weather services and for...
Poland Fish Processing Leader

Poland – world leader company in fish processing

728 kW unit coolers manufactured in stainless steel, prepared for a newly rebuilt plant in Poland of a world leader company in fish processing. Due to an atmosphere with salt and marinates, strongly present in fish plants, and the necessity to often clean, most unit coolers are manufactured 100% in stainless steel. This solution ensures long life operation. ThermoKey, as a leader in stainless steel heat exchangers, supplies once again this solid solution to the market keeping...
shipped drycooler detail with render

Poland – worldwide producer of mobile phones

Ten dry-coolers, model JWQ1490.C5/06W3EIEpAF(EC)S, capacity 7 x 185 kW plus 3 x 250 kW, supplied for a newly finished research and development centre  in Poland of a worldwide producer of mobile phones. EC fans were chosen to reach very low noise power levels, only 71 dB(A). Each unit is equipped with MODBUS communication card to ensure easy and remote access for working parameters and their modification.
Sweets Production Poland

Poland – world leading company in the production of sweets

Sweets Production Poland Six dry-coolers, model JGH2790.C5 / 03Q2EAF (EC) (AFS) S, capacity 466 kW each, supplied for a new plant in Poland of a world leading company in the production of exclusive sweets. In order to optimise costs of absorbed power, units are equipped with EC fans. High efficient adiabatic system (AFS) ensures safety even in case of the highest region ambient temperatures. Adiabatic system - AFS (Air Fresh System) Sweets Production Poland ThermoKey adiabatic...
power line drycooler detail

Prestigious bank in Basel, Switzerland

Location Basel, Switzerland Clinet's needs Extrem low noise drycooler because placed in centre of Basel Machines Power line drycooler model GR2590.AZ 6/02 V Q4EAF(EC) Power 200kW capacity with ethylene glycol to cool from 45° to 40° C at a maximum ambient temperature of 35° C ThermoKey solution The supplied unit is equipped wtih residential brushless Ec fans with a reduced number of revolutions ( 315 rpm, max noise level of the unit 32 dB(A) at 10 mt)
power line drycooler detail


Location Saint Petersburg, Russia Machines 2 pcs remote condenser KL2380CDVQIRA Application Air conditioning for a business centre. The Kellermann is a multifunctional business centre located in the historical centre of St. Petersburg Power 400 kW each
drycooler installation

Flower nursery

Location Netherland Application Flower nursery Machines Power line drycooler model GL2490DN1/10VW3EIF(EC)S Heat engine (CHP system). Dry cooler dissipates excessive heat Client’s needs Temperature control of the water in the plant. A gas engine is often used to generate electricity and heat at horticulturalists. A gas engine uses natural gas as an energy source and drives a generator that provides the necessary electrical energy. The exhaust gases are used for heating...
drycoolers installed detail

pharmaceutical plant in Russia

Location Russia Machines Dry Cooler SJGH2990CD/02QRAFS, 6 units Application Drycoolers are used on the production line of a pharmaceutical plant. Drycoolers release heat from 3 refrigerating units (total cooling capacity of chillers is 8,049 kW). Client’s needs Wiring with electrical panel 'Q' Phase cut speed controller (D) 'R' Shock absorbers Jumbo 'A' Flanges (one pair) 'F' Special header diametre V-Type Three phase fan 'T' Added value Extremely short terms...
drycoolers installation

Plastic Recycling process

Client’s needs High level of protection due to the aggressive environment Lowe water consumption Low maintenance and running costs ThermoKey solution Dry cooler C5M with stainless steel casing, heresite coating on coils and special fan motors for aggressive environment WFS technology to achieve high performance even in hot environment Machines 1 pc SJGH2990CN1/03Q3EAF(EC)(WFS)S. It is the first delivered dry cooler of a series of 5 identical units. Added value Low...
PowerGen Radiator Rolls Royce

Powergen radiators for Rolls Royce engine

Powergen Radiators Rolls Royce ThermoKey once again confirms to be the ideal partner for power stations owners and specialized installers/contractors. The latest reference has been the cooling of Bergen -branded Rolls-Royce B35:40 V20 AG2 engines, in use by an energy provider located in Bangladesh. The picture shows a pair of radiators cooling a splendid Rolls-Royce engine of 8,5 MWe with a 42,5°C ambient temperature. The new Powergen radiator has been designed as an upgrade of old...
drycooler detail

Propane chillers for the wine sector

A fruitful collaboration: Frascold, Cagnasso Frigoriferi and Cantine Capetta “Nature, technology and innovation: these are the principles that have always underpinned our continuous improvement of the entire production process which boasts impeccable quality control over the entire supply chain. So, each wine can express its own personality in its most authentic nuances”, says Paolo Bussi, Technical Director of Cantine Capetta. And he continues: “During each winemaking process, we pay...
drycooler detail on rooftop

Andechser Natur – dairy products

Location: Germany, Andechs Client: Andechser Natur Units: 1 X JAKR2890C-EPS Ammonia condenser  2 X SJGR2090.CN-EPS EPS SuperJumbo drycooler Founded more than a hundred years ago in Germany, between Lake Starnberg and the Ammersee, Andechser Natur offers dairy products using only certified organic milk by animals raised on outdoor pasture. The company guarantees the entire traceability of the supply chain, from the producer to the consumer. ThermoKey participates in this...
drycooler detail in the waterpark


ThermoKey has been chosen for the process cooling system of a swimming pool on the Reunion Island   Solution: Dry cooler Jumbo model JGQ2490C1/6Q2EIF(EC)S The dry cooler is equipped with: Coating for coastal environment 8 EC fans to reduce sound level and consumption Electrical panel with built-in speed controller Service switches on each fan Slip on flanges (the unit is supplied  with a pre-charge  and a pressure gauge to check that no transport shocks have occurred) Special...

Favignana, Sicily – Cooling the engine at the power plant

CLIENT: Sea Società elettrica Favignana LOCATION: Favignana, Sicily APPLICATION: Cooling the Deutz TBD 620 V16 engine at the power plant on the island of Favignana in Sicily. Machine: Machine model: GH2690.DNYVQRAFS POWER: Double circuits, LT=233 kW + HT=933 kW CLIENT'S NEED: Liquid cooler with stainless steel 304 casing , heat exchange coils with copper pipes and fins and C5I category anti-corrosion treatment (ISO12944) for very high durability in...

France – Industrial refrigeration for food industry

ThermoKey was chosen for the cooling system of a site specialized in bakery and ready-to-eat products (total area about of 8000 m²).  Solution: V-shape dry cooler with adiabatic EPS system model SJGH2790CN2 / 02Q2EAF (EC) EPSELVS The dry cooler is equipped with: 14 EC fans to reduce the sound level and consumption electrical panel with integrated speed controller shock absorbers slip on flanges (the unit was delivered with an initial charge and a manometer to check that no shock...


Refrigerated storage. Units: 4 industrial dual flow unit coolers - 3 fans d. 630 mm each 11 industrial dual flow unit coolers - 4 fans d. 630 mm each   Common features: Crossed circuit (dedicated tubes for the defrosting system in the drip tray) for energy recovery double hinged drip-tray to facilitate maintenance and cleaning "sandwich" insulated drip tray

France – ThermoKey Dry cooler for process cooling

Application: ThermoKey has been chosen for the cooling system of the skating rink and for the air treatment of the Colmar ice rink spaces. The V-Type Super Jumbo is equipped with: 18 high efficiency EC fans to reduce sound level and energy consumption Wiring + Ec Plus speed controller Slip on flanges (the unit was delivered with an initial charge and a manometer to check that no shock occurred during transport)

Heat rejection for a water cooled chiller

1 unit JGH2690B1/03W4EEPF(EC)S wired at the the factory, including Speed Controller EcPlus and Modbus interface. Place: Manchester , United Kingdom Application: Heat rejection for a water cooled chiller providing cooling for a large office building Model: Power J Dry Cooler – 1 pcs JGH2690B1/03W4EEPF(EC)S with EC fans and EcPlus Speed Controller Total power: 560 KW

Automotive – Process Cooling

Process Cooling for a production facility for automotive parts. 2 units JGH2590CD/04QRF(WFS)S with Wet Fin System and double-layer corrugated fins, ideal for installations in aggressive industrial environments with excellent resistance to corrosion. Units include wiring, control panel “Q” and a Regulator “R” installed at the factory. Place: Birmingham, United Kingdom Application: Process cooling for a production facility for automotive parts. Model: 2 pcs...

TKMicro – Responsible refrigeration

Following a real case of microchannel technology in agricultural refrigeration that gives evidence of the convenience – from our customer's point of view – of the shifting from  traditional tube&fin towards TKMicro. Copper tube Tech VS Microchannel Tech Features Indicative Net Price Power per module Empty Weight Refrigerant Charge N° Fans (900 mm) Footprint Absorbed Power Copper tube Tech - 470kW 3117 kg 224 liter 10 16 sqm 24,8 kWel Microchannel...


Cold water production plant for the refrigeration of negative cold rooms for vegetable storage.   Models: 6 dual flow unit coolers - 34 kW per unit Imbricated circuit (dedicated tubes for the defrosting system in the drip tray) for energy efficiency Double insulated drip tray on hinges to facilitate maintenance operations Fin with increased thickness for durability and better performance   1 V-shape Dry cooler - 300 kW per unit EC fans EcPlus speed controller ...

Uni Augsburg 

Place: Augsburg Application: Server cooling Model: Power Line Dry cooler - 2 pcs WQD2410B Power Line Dry cooler - 1 pc GQ2580BY Total power: 1100kW

Uni Wuppertal

Place: Wuppertal Application: University air conditioning Model: Power Line Dry Cooler - 4 pcs GQ2490CXY Power Line Dry Cooler - 5 pcs GQ2590CXY Total power: 2455 kW

Rijnmond II

Place: Rijnmond Application: Cooling device for cooling of the turbine bearings and other peripherals of power plants Model: Power J Dry Cooler - 16 pcs JGQ 2690CD Total power: 16 MW

Marienhospital Stuttgart 

Place: Stuttgart Application: Air conditioning of the peripheral area of the hospital Model: Super Power J Dry Cooler 2 pcs SJGL21090.C Power Line Dry Cooler 1 pcs WR2480A Total power: 3002 KW

Autoscout 24 

Place: Münich Application: Air conditioning unit for server rooms cooling Model: Power Line Dry Cooler - 1 pc GQ 2590BNYV Total power: 302 kw

Krones AG 

Place: Neutraubling Application: emergency cooling Model: Power J Dry Cooler - 1 pc JGQ 2890CY Total power: 662 kW


Place: Hamburg Application: Air conditioning Model: Power J Dry Cooler - 1 pc JGQ260CD4 Total power: 868 KW

Thermalöl Kraftwerk

Place: Salem Constance Lake Application: Cooling of 6000 apples Model: Industrial air coolers with EC fans 13 pcs BMT480.89 11 pcs BMT380.89 Total power: 1518 kW
Adiabatic dry coolers for autoclaves cooling for the production of wing and fuselage parts at Airbus Nordenham

Airbus Nordenham 

Place: Nordenham Application: Adiabatic dry coolers for autoclaves cooling for the production of wing and fuselage parts Model: Power J Dry cooler - 6 pcs JGH 2690CD Total power: 6.1 MW
ThermoKey -  Airbus Augsburg

 Airbus Augsburg 

Place: Augsburg Application: Adiabatic dry coolers for autoclaves cooling for the production of wing and fuselage parts Model: Power J Dry cooler - 6 pcs JGH 2690CD Total power: 6.1 MW
ThermoKey - Airbus Stade

Aribus Stade

Place: Stade Application: Adiabatic dry coolers for autoclaves cooling for the production of wing and fuselage parts Model: Power J Dry cooler - 6 pcs JGH 2690CD Total power: 6.1 MW
ThermoKey - Adidas


Place: Herzogenaurach Application: Server cooling for the European data centre Model: Power J Dry cooler - 3 pcs JGR 2690 AY Total power: 1392 KW
Refroidissement de processus sur site de façonnage et transformation du verre plat pour la Construction, l'Industrie et l'Automobile

FRANCE – Process cooling in flat glass plant

Process cooling in site for manufacturing and transformation of flat glass for building-, manufacturing- and automotive-industry, which employs about 300 people and works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day Solution: 2 dry cooler -Vtype with EPS adiabatic system – model JVGH2490CN5/02Q2EAF(EC)EPSELVS Each dry cooler is equipped with: 8 high efficiency EC fans to reduce the sound level and consumption electrical panel with integrated speed regulator shock absorber slip on flanges (the...
France - Refrigerated logistic platform - ThermoKey dry coolers

FRANCE – Refrigerated logistic platform

Refrigerated logistic platform of approximately 34.000m² dedicated to the storage and preservation of fresh products at a temperature between 2 and 8°C. Models: 3 Super Jumbo Dry cooler - 800 kW each 2 Jumbo Dry cooler - 266 kW each The dry coolers serve the refrigeration process of the building. Each dry cooler is equipped with: EC-high efficiency fans in order to reduce the noise level and electrical consumption customized electrical components configuration (due to...
Dry Coolers Super Jumbo - Hospital air conditioning - Spital Thun

Spital Thun

The Spital Thun hospital is part of the Swiss Spital Simmental-Thun-Saanenland (STS) AG hospital centre which provides medical assistance to 150,000 people between residents and tourists. Approximately 16,500 patients are treated each year. ThermoKey provided the structure with 4 dry coolers for its air conditioning. Location Switzerland Application Cooling / climatisation hospital Capacity 1520KW very low noise ThermoKey solution 4x Superjumbo SJGR2790C3/4 EC ZAPLUS
Cold storage in Germany - Log4 Trebur - ThermoKey

Cold storage in Germany

Client   Name: Log4 Trebur Location: Germany Application:   cold storage Capacity: 5080KW ThermoKey Solution   4x WFS Superjumbo SJGH2780C1/4 EC WFS 1x WL2290CZ 5/4 EC WFS - WET FIN SYSTEM It is ThermoKey hybrid cooling system which allows a complete flexibility of operation, working at low pressure (2-3 bars) and for a very high number of hours per year (up to 1000). The user can choose whether to prioritize the consumption of water or electricity....

Server in Basel (Switzerland)

ThermoKey Dry Coolers have been produced to ensure durability and reduced energy consumption.   NEED Cooling down 4.5 MW Total Capacity in a small footprint area. SOLUTION 3 JGL2790BY AFS, V-Type Dry Coolers with AFS adiabatic system, corrosion protection of finned pack, electronic fans and electrical parts and 1 JGL2790BY, V-Type Dry Cooler with electronic fans and electrical parts.

Pipe manufacturing – Plastic Plant Group

Client: Plastic Plant Group Location: Russia Application: pipe manufacturing Client's needs: control of temperature during the production of the pipes. ThermoKey solution: 2 pcs Dry coolers GH2490BZDVQRAFS. Total capacity: 1500 kW Added value: realization in a short time high-qualifty dry coolers
Controlling precisely the temperature in a greenhouse to recreate any type of cultivation condition


ThermoKey has supplied 4 radial unit coolers to Vs Cooling Engineering for the research center “World Horti Center” located in Naaldwijk, Westland. The center offers educational, research and presentation services for anyone active in the international greenhouse horticulture sector. The center benefits public health and well-being of people by providing solutions to social issues relating to water quality, food supply, food safety and sustainability. The glasshouse where our...

Primary international food processing group

Client’s needs: guarantee fluid temperature control at the requested maximum temperature thank’s to adiabatic system (EPS) process cooling specific hygienic standards accurate EPS control correct water consumption ThermoKey solution: EPS (Evaporative Panel System) with complete regulation       Machines: 5 pcs SJGH21090CN/04Q2EAF(EC)(EPS)S – 1670kW per each unit) 6 pcs SJGH2890C1/04Q2EAF(EC)(EPS)S – 1369,30kW per each unit) Added value: excellent...


Location: about 30 km south of Oslo, Building: Norwegian Veterinary Institute’s new location. Top notch University facilities for education, research and development within the veterinary industry.  80.000m² of building. Purpose: Heat dumping from energy central that has 3 x Sabroe Nh3 chillers total capacity 2 mW.


ThermoKey has been chosen for the replacement of 3 existing dry coolers of another brand for the cooling of a Data Center in Amsterdam (Tot. Power 550 kW) NEEDS: Heat removal from the server room SOLUTION: 3 table type dry coolers equipped with 6 EC fans each – Fin thickness 0,15 mm


16 condensers model JKQ2790C1Q3EA(EC)S   Use: air conditioning of a large shopping centre in Kazakhstan Units: 16 condensers model JKQ2790C1Q3EA(EC)S kW 635 (per unit) - (10 Thermal megawatts) Electrical part that can work up to -40° C Required accessories: anti-seismic shock absorbers Need: stocking temperature at site is +50/-40C (up to 1 year) Solution: each DryCooler is covered in pluriball and vacuum closed in heat seal barrier bag with desiccant bags. All protruding...

Central Stadium in Ekaterinburg

Dry Cooler model: GL2490BZDHERFS Unit: 5 pcs, for a total capacity of 2.708 kW   Dry coolers run with water cooled chillers. Chillers produce chilled water for air conditioning. Areas: administrative rooms, football players locker rooms,  restaurants, cafes, VIP zones.

Mordovia Arena in Saransk, Russia

FIFA World Cup - Mordovia Arena in Saransk “Mordovia Arena” in Saransk guarantees additional comfort to organizers, sportsmen, participants and spectators during sport competitions   Needs: to equip air conditioning in the stadium’s technical rooms: medical stations, refreshment points, press conference rooms, mixed areas, children play rooms, toilets and changing rooms. Solution: ThermoKey supplied 8 pcs JGH2590BZDQPAS for a total of 6184 kW

Vietnam – Processing and storage plant for pork meat

Customer: Masan Group Type of plant: Processing and storage plant for pork meat in Vietnam. Masan’s integration of a meat value chain, with a capacity of 1.4 million pigs per year. Type of application: 70 industrial unit coolers with stainless steel tube and AlMg 2.5 fins. The system uses NH3 refrigerant.

Logistic centre in Sevilla

Model: remote condenser JVAH 2590 R717 (AMMONIA) Capacity: 950 kW Fin material: Prepainted Double Layer Tube material: stainless steel Panel: “Q” x 2 (one per eachrow) Phase cut speed controller “R” x2 without probes (adjustable with external signal 0-10V) Use: logistic centre of pharmaceutical products

Football stadium in Crakow, Poland

This is the Sport Hall of 100 Anniversary of Sports Club Cracow, alsocalled Sport Centre for the Disabled. The project started in Winter2016 and was officially opened in2018, May 18th.   The Sport Hall consists of: 2 levels above and 1 level under ground and tribunes for 788 people (48 places for people on wheelchairs). Total space 5102 m2. Usable space 3711 m2. Volume 40825 m3.   ThermoKey hassupplied for air condition applications 2 dry-coolers (very quiet) model GR2490.AZ4HW3EEbAF(EC)S...

Logistic centre in the Eastern Poland

Dry-cooler model SJGQ2890.CYS (calculated capacity 783,6 kW) This is quite a peculiar application since the dry-cooler works in reversed fluid temperature profile, dedicated to warmup the ground for the regeneration for the heat pump application. It works only between late Spring and early Autumn to prepare the ground for the further working season of the heat pump.

CO2 logistic platform for frozen goods in France

Customer: FDA2 (Frigorifique d’Ablis)  Logistics platform for frozen food Application: Transcritical DX CO2 refrigeration production of 240 kW with heat recovery for the unit cooler defrosting system (imbricated circuits of the coil). Cold room -23 ° C, dimensions 70m x 27m x 14m, about 27,000 m3. Unit equipment: 4 units of 62 kW each, with 10 row coil – 11 mm fin spacing PT 50bar / PS 45bar 5 brushless EC fans d. 630 mm wired in a general junction box with the possibility of...
Thermokey - ITER International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor - 8 V-type Dry Cooler mod. SJGL2790CD/4AFS

International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor

8 V-type Dry Coolers model SJGL2790CD/4AFS ThermoKey for the next scientific revolution in energy production ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is a nuclear fusion experimental reactor whose main purpose is to achieve a stable fusion reaction by validating and, if possible, increasing existing knowledge on plasma physics (high temperature deuteriotriotry). During the construction and operation of ITER advanced technological solutions will be integrated and tested...
Thermokey - Pack. company - Australia - Microchannel condensers model JMKL2280BD(EC)W[EP.I] equipped with EC fans

Packing company – Australia

PACKING COMPANY, AUSTRALIA Microchannel condensers model JMKL2280BD(EC)W[EP.I] equipped with EC fans Over 1000 fresh produce stored bins for Australia’s leading potato and onion packing company. The client designed and installed a high efficiency medium temperature R134a system comprising a multi-compressor rack, ThermoKey microchannel condenser with EC fans and dual circuit evaporators with electronic expansion. The containerised plantroom was prefabricated, wired, tested and...
Thermokey - Werehouse - Reggio Emilia - 6 horizontal air flow turbo line condensers and 4 industrial unit coolers

Warehouse – Reggio Emilia

6 horizontal air flow turbo line condensers and 4 industrial unit coolers ThermoKey for an innovative warehouse at -20°C with new R449A Aim: Cooling of low-temperature (-20°C) compactable storage warehouse in Reggio Emilia. Solution: One of the first installations ever, operating in direct expansion with the new refrigerant with low GWP OPTEON XP40 ® R449A R449A (replacing R404A and R507) controlled by a computerized system and managed though sensors and drives, aimed...

Argentina – Roche

ARGENTINA Stainless steel Dry Coolers and microchannel modular Remote Condenser Stainless steel Dry Coolers and microchannel modular Remote Condenser for Roche company Roche, one of the largest pharmacology company in the world, have just started up its new 6000 m2 depot at Tortuguitas, Buenos Aires State, República Argentina. Need The stored products must be kept at a controlled temperature between 15°C-25°C and with a set point temperature of 24° C in summer and 21° C in winter....
Thermokey - Chemical industry - Polonia - 2 stainless steel Power-J Dry Coolers

Poland – Chemical industry

POLAND 2 stainless steel Power-J Dry Coolers 2 stainless steel Power-J Dry Coolers for the process cooling in chemical industry in Poland Need Glycol cooling from 43° C to 38° C with adiabatic system operating from 23,6° C to 30° C. Solutions 2 Power-J Dry Coolers model, JGH2390CDQRAF(AFS) S equipped with: • AISI 316L stainless steel tubes and headers; • Hydrophobic blue fins; • Painted RAL 7035 FeZn casing, internal coil with AISI 316L stainless steel side metal sheet; •...
Thermokey - Mróz - Polonia - 23 unit coolers - 4 Microchannel V-Type remote condensers

Mróz – Poland

MROZ, POLAND 23 unit coolers 4 Microchannel V-Type remote condensers Food refrigeration Refrigeration for MRÓZ at Borek Wielkopolski (Poland) Need • Meat Meal freezing and storing • 31 cold rooms with total surface 3500 m2 • Total cooling capacity of the chiller c.a. 910 kW cooling solution necessary for whole meat production process Solutions 23 unit coolers: • Cubic, commercial and double flow Unit Coolers for the freezing area (8 units for 170 kW) • Double Flow and Cubic...

Klagenfurt – Austria

KLAGENFURT, AUSTRIA 6 Super Power J Dry Coolers with Wet Fin System (WFS) e AxiTop Drycooler air conditioning ThermoKey for the Klagenfurt University clinic Need • Cooling capacity of 6000 kW • Dimensional restrictions for the installation of the units on the clinic's roof • Low-noise plant Solutions • 6 Super Power J Dry Coolers with Wet Fin System (WFS) and AxiTop • Total capacity: 1,419,000 m3/h • Cooling capacity: 6000 kW
Thermokey - Fruit and vegetable market - Spain - 3 Dual Flow unit coolers model DFX5636008S0134(D)

Fruit and vegetable market – Spain

FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKET - SPAIN 3 Dual Flow unit coolers model DFX5636008S0134(D) ThermoKey for the fruit and vegetable market Dual flow unit coolers for the industrial refrigeration in Spain. Need • To cool down daily about 100,000 Kilos of fresh fruit and vegetables (artichokes, broccoli, melons) • Initial product temperature: 30° C • Final product temperature: 2° C • Cooling cycle : 8 hours • Required cooling capacity : 390 kW Solutions • 3 Dual Flow unit coolers...
Thermokey - Wind farm - North of Europe - 19 Turbo line condensers model KH1150 completely in stainless steel

Wind farm – North of Europe

WIND FARM, NORTH OF EUROPE 19 Turbo line condensers model KH1150 completely in stainless steel Wind farm An offshore wind farm (awind power project) in the north of Europe. Need The wind farm and substation include 78 wind turbines with a total capacity of 312 MW. They will be producing green electricity for around 320,000 households every year. Solution ThermoKey has supplied 19 Turbo line condensers model KH1150, which are completely (fins,tubes, casing etc.) in stainless steel 316L...
Thermokey - Green House - Bleiswijk - Holland - Orchids green house - 21 Brine Unit Coolers BHT250.310P6AS

Greenhouse of orchids – Bleiswijk – Holland

Greenhouse of orchids installation in Bleiswijk, Holland. Need Controlling precisely the temperature in a greenhouse with a total surface of 23,500 m2 for the growth of 2 million orchid plants. Solution 21 Brine Unit Coolers model BHT250.310P6AS equipped with Ec fans.
Thermokey - Polonia - Vegetable storage - 8 Microchannel MKH1480.BDH - 40 Unit Coolers IMT450.76DA

Poland – Vegetables storage

8 microchannel condensers model MKH1480.BDH, 40 Unit Coolers model IMT450.76DA Vegetables storage The company is one of the biggest Polish producers of broccoli, cauliflower, onion, root vegetables and cruciferous vegetables. Storage capacity includes cooling chambers allowing storage of up to 13 thousand tons of vegetables. Need The Polish company production of root vegetables reaches level 5.600.000 kilos, brassica vegetables at 770.000 kg, onions 3.000.000 kg (data from 2013)....
Thermokey - Houdebine SAS project - France - Industrial Cubic Unit Coolers, Industrial Dual Flow, Blast Freezers

Houdebine SAS project – France

HOUDEBINE SAS PROJECT, FRANCE Industrial Cubic Unit Coolers, Industrial Dual Flow, Blast Freezers Together with Nestlè-Davigel in the Houdebine SAS project ThermoKey Unit Coolers will ensure the proper temperature to the French company in the various manufacturing and fresh food freezing processes. The Industrial Cubic Unit Coolers will be used in the product preservation cells, the Industrial Dual Flow in the processing areas (where their low-noise level ensures an adequate...
Thermokey - Khoms Project - Libya - V-type Industrial Dry Coolers

Khoms project – Libya

KHOMS PROJECT, LIBYA V-type Industrial Dry Coolers Industrial Dry Coolers for the Turbogas Power Plant Khoms power plant will be situated in the city of Kohms, 120 kilometres east of Tripoli, in Libya. The project consists in a Turbogas Power Plant, with a 525 Mwe net production capacity, which will supply power to the Libyan Grid. The combined cycle plant will be based on two General Electric gas turbines model 9FA.03, 261 MW each. The main fuel will be Natural Gas and Light...
Thermokey - Agropark - 63 Industrial Unit Coolers and 6 Radial Unit Coolers


63 Industrial Unit Coolers, 6 Radial Unit Coolers Unit Coolers for food preservation ThermoKey has supplied 63 industrial unit coolers to an important food company. The unit coolers are provided with 5 fans each (630 and 560 mm diameter) for a total capacity of 10.650 kW, serving 45 storage rooms. The units, made for the storage of apples in cold rooms, have been manufactured in accordance with customer's specification: RAL 9010 painted casing, 5/8" copper pipes, aluminium fins and...

Zakład Drobiarski w Stasinie Company, Poland

ZAKLAD DROBIARSKI W STASINIE COMPANY, POLAND TKSmart TKSmart has been chosen by Zaklad Drobiarski w Stasinie company The need is to air-condition the meat processing rooms, each having different volume and needs: Internal distribution: 77 m2 Buffer stock: 27 m2 Packing: 98 m2 + 72 m2 Preparation of raw meet: 30 m2 Handheld storage: 20 m2 Waste warehouse: 119 m2 TKSmart meets all market needs: thanks to the exclusive use of aluminium, it is a light, resistant, reliable and easy...
Thermokey - Engine Deutz - Favignana - Italy - 1 Dry Cooler with stainless steel 304 casing and 10 fans

Engine Deutz TBD – Favignana – Italy

ENGINE DEUTZ TBD - FAVIGNANA - ITALY 1 Dry Cooler with stainless steel 304 casing, 10 fans Cooling down the engine Deutz TBD 620 V16 in the power plant in Favignana island in Sicily The configured system meets the requirements of reliability and resistance to corrosion, characteristics of this type of application for the marine environment. The Dry Cooler will cool down the 2 low and high temperature circuits of a 620 kW CHP co-generation system at the service of the power plant....
Thermokey - Data Centre - Europe - 18 Dry Coolers V-Type with adiabatic EC fans

Data Centre – Europe

DATA CENTRE 18 Dry Coolers V-Type with adiabatic EC fans The Data Centre challenge The solution we have come up with? 18 V-Type Dry Coolers with electronic fans, adiabatic and self-cleaning system. The Dry Coolers have been specifically designed to provide the best and most efficient solution for the needs of the Data Centre: Durability: corrosion protection of the finned pack, casing, electronic fans and electrical parts; Reduced energy consumption for the cooling down system: free...
Thermokey - Natural refrigerants - Bushehr - Iran - 3 Blast Freezer unit cooler for NH3

Natural refrigerants – Bushehr – Iran

BUSHEHR, IRAN 3 Blast Freezer unit coolers for NH3 Fast Freezing systems for fish processing industry in Bushehr, Iran There is a rapidly growing demand for natural refrigerants from processing cold storage or fast cooling plants, where high capacity and high air flow are needed. To meet these specific market demands, Thermokey is able to satisfy any type of performance and material combination, maintaining the highest product quality standards. In Bushehr,...
Thermokey - The Cumming engine in Al Jubail - Saudi Arabia - 2 Dry Cooler with a special casing

The Cumming engine in Al Jubail – Saudi Arabia

AL JUBAIL, SAUDI ARABIA 2 Dry Coolers with a special casing Al Jubail Desalinization plant, in Saudi Arabia Two ThermoKey Dry Coolers will be installed in Saudi Arabia to cool down a powerful Cummings engine, used in the water desalinization process. These Dry Coolers are equipped with a 120 micron thickness powder-painted casing, specific for particularly aggressive environments, in order to protect the unit and maintain a constant efficiency in time. The fan motors are...
Thermokey - Médipôle de koutio health center - Dumbéa - New caledonia - 12 Dry Coolers

Médipôle de Koutio health center – New Caledonia

MÉDIPÔLE DE KOUTIO HEALTH CENTER - DUMBÉA - NEW CALEDONIA 12 Dry Coolers with specific characteristics ThermoKey has been chosen for an important air-conditioning system in New Caledonia Médipôle de Koutio is a health center in the town of Dumbéa, in New Caledonia, which holds the assets of four sites in a single area of 90.000 square meters. Thermokey has taken part to the creation process of the air conditioning system of the complex Médipôle de Koutio , started in 2015,...
Thermokey - Fornovo gas in Opic estate of Agbara - Nigeria - Dry Cooler V-shape with 6 explosion-proof fans

Fornovo gas in Opic Estate of Agbara – Nigeria

OPIC ESTATE, AGBARA, NIGERIA Dry Cooler V-shape with 6 explosion-proof fans Opic Estate of Agbara In the Opic Estate of the Agbara desert area, Nigeria, Fornovo Gas, an important customer of ours, has commissioned to us the cooling of a gas compression station consisting of a G3408-LE-SITA 54 (264kW) caterpillar engine and a 3DA300 compressor (225kW). ThermoKey has developed a compact, optimized solution for the cooling of the compressor, aftercooler and jacket circuits in a single...
Thermokey - Orc plants in the geothermic area of Umurlu - Turkey - 2 Dry Coolers model GL2490CNYVQZS

ORC plants in the geothermic area of Umurlu – Turkey

UMURLU, TURKEY 2 Dry Coolers, model GL2490CNYVQZS Dry Coolers combined with Orc Systems Thermokey confirms its presence in the power generation plant market, where alternative, renewable energy is employed. Indeed, two Dry Coolers (model GL2490CNYVQZS) will be used in the geothermic area of Umurlu, South-West Turkey, to cool down the turbines of two ORC plants, for an overall 24 MW. The dry coolers are equipped with special fans, 180 micron powder coated casing and stainless steel...
Thermokey - Mechel - Chelyabinks plant - Russia - 6 Dry Coolers Table Shape

Mechel – Chelyabinsk plant – Russia

MECHEL, CHELYABINKS, RUSSIA 6 Dry Coolers Table Shape The Danieli Group at "Mechel" OAO metallurgical plant, Chelyabinsk plant, Russia The Danieli Group has supplied an iron rolling mill to Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant (14,5 mW). ThermoKey has provided a platform of 6 Table Shape Dry Coolers (fan diameter 1250 mm) for cooling down auxiliary circuits.
Thermokey - Inter Gen - Rijnmond - The Netherlands - 16 Dry Coolers V-Shape

Rijnmond – Rotterdam – The Netherlands

INTER GEN, RIJNMOND, THE NETHERLANDS 16 Dry Coolers V-Shape Project SPX Rijnmond, the Netherlands Rijnmond II is a new 428 MW natural gas-fired power plant in Rotterdam (NL). Plant owner: Inter Gen Main contractor: Siemens Subcontractor: SPX ThermoKey has provided SPX with 16 V-Shape Dry Coolers  to cool down auxiliary circuits.
Thermokey - Fortum Tartu - Tartu - Estonia - 10 Dry Coolers Table Shape

Fortum Tartu – Tartu – Estonia

FORTUM TARTU - TARTU - ESTONIA 10 Dry Coolers Table Shape District Heating and Power Generation AS Fortum Tartu is a holding which owns the Tartu district heating and power generation enterprises, Tartu (EE) Plant owner: Fortum Tartu Contractor: Hiieko Subcontractor: Hiieko ThermoKey has provided Hiijeko with 10 Table Shape Dry Coolers to cool down auxiliary circuits.
Thermokey - Severn Power - Uskmouth - Wales - 40 Dry Coolers V-Shape

Severn Power – Uskmouth – Wales

SEVERN POWER, USKMOUTH, WALES Application: Cooling device for cooling of the turbine bearings and other peripherals of power plants Model: Super Power J Dry Cooler 40 pcs WJGL1690BY Power Line Dry Cooler - 6 pcs WH1380BYV Total power: 32 MW Gas-fired generation station Severn Power is a new 824 MW gas-fired generation station at Uskmouth, near Newport South Wales. Plant owner: Dong Energy Contractor: Siemens Subcontractor: SPX ThermoKey has provided SPX with 40 V-Shape Dry...
Thermokey - Steel-works - Middle East - Super Power-J Dry Cooler, model SJGH2910CDQF(INK)S

Steel-works – Middle-East

STEEL-WORKS, MIDDLE-EAST Super Power-J Dry Cooler, model SJGH2910CDQF(INK)S Steel-works in the Middle East Steelworks planned to produce 1.500.000 t/y of billets and placed in a desert area. Need to cool down the fume treatment plants. Water consumption: 150 m3/h (500 m3/h in normal plants). Capacity required total 103,710 kW. Used 30 pcs Super Power-J Dry cooler model SJGH2910CDQF(INK)S with self empty drenable configuration, CE electrical panel and flanges.