Thermokey - ITER International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor - 8 V-type Dry Cooler mod. SJGL2790CD/4AFS

8 V-type Dry Coolers model SJGL2790CD/4AFS

ThermoKey for the next scientific revolution in energy production

ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is a nuclear fusion experimental reactor whose main purpose is to achieve a stable fusion reaction by validating and, if possible, increasing existing knowledge on plasma physics (high temperature deuteriotriotry).

During the construction and operation of ITER advanced technological solutions will be integrated and tested
in the field of cryogenicity, superconductivity and vacuum techniques required for the realization of DEMO,
the first true civil plant used for the conversion of heat produced by nuclear fusion into electricity.

The international project, worth 15 billion dollars, involves European Union, Russia, China, Japan,
the United States of America, India and South Korea.

ThermoKey has been chosen for the reliability of its solutions, its vocation to accept technological challenges
and its green commitment.

One of the essential components of the ITER operation is the neutral injector, whose main purpose
is to send a bundle of neutral hydrogen particles inside the vacuum chamber of ITER in order to heat the plasma generated inside and endorse the electricity. ThermoKey units will be actually used inside ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility in Padua, for the temperature control of critical components such as the particles accelerator,
the ion neutralizers and squanderer, placed inside the vacuum chambers:

    • The cooling down system will be able to dissipate the heat in excess generated during the beam generation process.
    • Temperature control must be absolute in order to allow uniformity and beam pointing capability.



The customer’s need is to dispose of 16/17 MW of thermal power inside MITICA (the neutral particle injector)
and SPIDER (its source of ions) and subsequent auxiliary systems by cooling down the glychol-water with a fluid delta temperature from 36 to 21° C at 10° C environment temperature.


ThermoKey has supplied 8 units model SJGL2790CD/4AFS of 2125kW each at the service of the cooling plant
for the experiments

What are the merits of fusion energy?

  • Abundant fuel- deuterium for millions of years and easily mined lithium for several hundreds of years
  • No CO2 greenhouse gas emissions
  • No possibility of a “meltdown” or “runaway reactions”
  • No transport of radioactive materials
  • No long-lasting radioactive waste to create a burden on future generations

This way ThermoKey directly enters into the core of what will probably be the solution to the energy issue
for the future.

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