Thorough information sheet on the use of cookies

Cookie: Definition, characteristics and norm application

Cookies are small text files which the sites visited by the user send and register on his computer or mobile device to be then retransmitted to the same sites at the following visit. Thanks to cookies a site remembers actions and preferences of the user (for example log-in data, favourite language, font dimensions, other visual settings, etc.) so that they do not have to be again indicated when the user returns to visit such site or browses from one page to another of it.

Therefore cookies are used to carry out IT authentications, session monitoring and data memorizing regarding the users’ activities who access the site and can comprehend also a unique identification code which enables to keep trace of the user browsing inside the website itself for statistical and advertising purposes.

During browsing on a site, the user can also receive on his computer cookies of sites and web servers different from the one he is visiting (“third party” cookies). Some operations could not be performed without the use of cookies, which in some cases are necessary for the functioning of the site.

There are various types of cookies depending on their characteristics and functions and these can stay in your PC for different amounts of times:

  • session cookie which is automatically cancelled at browser closure
  • persistent cookie which remains in the device of the user up to an established due date.

Following the norm on the use of cookies an express consent of the user is not always required: such consent is not required in the case of “technical cookies”, that is those used only to perform the transmission of a communication on a net of electronic communication, or strictly concerning the necessary supply of a service explicitly asked for by the user.  These are cookies essential for the web page functioning or necessary to perform activities required by the user. Among technical cookies we also find:

  • “analytic cookies” when used directly by the manager of the site to collect information in a joint way on the number of users and on how these visit the website itself
  • navigation or session cookies (for authentication)
  • functionality cookies which allow the user navigation following a series of chosen criteria (for example language, selected products for purchase) in order to improve the service given.

On the other hand for “profiling cookies”, that is those aimed at creating profiles regarding the user and use them to send advertising messages in line with the preferences shown during web browsing, a forehand consent of the user is required.

Cookie typologies used by the present site

This site uses technical cookies, which have the aim of guaranteeing the transmission of the communication between the user and the site on the internet web in the strict measure of providing the service offered by us in a thorough way and in the best possible quality conditions. Data related to cookies are managed only inside the site itself and are not given to thirds.

The site uses the service Google Analytics, with cookies to consent anonymous statistical analysis in a joint way on the use of the visited site. It is possible to consult the terms of service of google Analytics “Termini di servizio di Google Analytics”which recall also the privacy information sheet of the company Google Inc., independent title owner of data concerning Google analytics service. You can block the use of your data by google analytics by installing the following plugin for the browser: Componente aggiuntivo del browser per la disattivazione di Google Analytics.

On the web site there can also be services and links of third parties, for example Linkedin, Youtube and Facebook links, which can potentially collocate cookies in the electrical device in use when you click on them. It must be kept in mind that the present information sheet on the use of cookies does not concern the links present on the web site which direct to third web sites. We therefore advise you to read the privacy information sheets present in the other visited websites at the below indicated links.

Cookie disabling

It is possible to visit the site also without cookies, even if in this case it may not be possible to fully use all the functionalities and the offered services. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. You can avoid automatic registration of cookies by selecting the option “don’t accept cookies” from the one proposed.

To have further information on how to do this you can refer back to the instruction of your own browser. The user can obtain specific instructions at the following links:

To have information on the cookies filed on your device and singularly disable them, we advise you to visit the following page:

It is always possible to delete potential cookies already filed on the hard disk.