• TKMicro Modular Power Cooler with microchannel technology and EC fan motors.
  • Single module with two fans & four vertical coils for very high efficiency.
  • Each module provides 200 kW capacity with footprint of 1.1 m by 2.2 m, and weights 455 kg.
  • Above unit provides nominal 1000 kW, with a footprint of 6.0 m x 2.2 m.
  • Variable speed fans adjust RPM depending on heat load and ambient.
  • Reduced in/out connections for limited in site installation.
  • Individual isolation valves per module, allow replacing any fan/coil section.
  • Maximum reliability with redundancy.
  • Programmable automatic coil cleaning.
  • Night time quiet-mode for residential areas.

Performance range:

  • Capacity from 200 to 1000 kW
    (ethylene glycol 35%, Tw1=40°C, Tw2=35°C, T1=25°C)


  • Diameter Ø 800, 900 mm, EC motor


  • From 1 to 5


  • Modules: 2 fans, 4 vertical microchannel cores
  • High efficiency, minimal footprint
  • 2 inlet, 2 outlet connections
  • Low installation cost
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Lower internal volume
  • Less weight
  • Easy maintenance and core cleaning
  • Core coating possibility in case of aggressive ambient
  • Variable speed EC fans adjust RPM depending on heat load and ambient
  • Individual isolation valves per module on request
  • Maximum reliability with redundancy


Patented solution for heat recovery and adiabatic systems.

Multi System Dual Flow:

  • Option for heat recovery in condensers and coolers.
  • Closed-looped booster up to +52% capacity, zero water consuption, no hygenic condition problems.

Reverse Carnot Cycle

Multi System Dual Flow heat recovery working principle


Modular Power Cooler allows, dividing the power into modules, to reach the same powers of larger units.

The microchannel solution does not need special transport or high cube /open top containers, therefore it can also be installed in city centres where handling is o often more di cult.

Up to 40% less installation costs
reduce overall costs of setup, crane renting and operations.

Up to 40% less load on the roof
alluminium modules: less weight, less load on the roof (3.500 Kg-8 modules Vs 5.500 Kg-traditional unit).

Easily increase power when needed
in case of capacity request change, the modular system can adapt over time. Identical coils are characterised by same pressure drops allow simple modular expansion independently from the size.


Container size for larger applications 1000 kW example shown.