ThermoKey air cooled Radiators have been designed for heavy industrial cooling applications for cooling of various process liquids, even in the most extreme conditions.
Our radiators can be custom designed to each project and offer the best possible match for every facility.
Applications include: diesel and gas engine cooling, turbine cooling, oil cooling.

  • Plug & play units for short assembly time on site
  • Containerizable
  • Robust construction
  • Energy efficient – low total cost of ownership.
Thermokey PowerGen Radiator

PowerGen Radiator

PowerGen Radiators would be the ideal solution for power plant owners and contractors. It is designed to meet the specific needs of the electricity production market, which requires particularly rigorous quality standards. Some of the possible applications for this system: large electricity production plants, small electricity generators for limited energy use, small biogas plants for agricultural producers, geothermal plants. Thermokey PowerGen Radiator Area of use: Electricity...