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We inaugurate our ThermoKey Academy:


During this time, virtual meetings, video calling apps and conference calls have become familiar to everyone and since we won’t be able to meet in person for a bit longer, our desire is to continue training since we at ThermoKey were used to hold courses on a regular basis during our visits.


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See you online!

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To sign up for the next scheduled webinars, fill-in the forum below, you will be contacted by email to make an appointment.

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    The launch of ThermoKey's webinars on the microchannel was a great success!
    We are pleased to see the strong interest shown for our new TK Academy initiative, all available slots for May 8th and May 15th have been booked!


    This proves that chiller manufacturers and installers are willing to deepen their knowledge on the more technical aspects of the microchannel, in order to offer their clients the most viable solutions.
    We wish to thank all of you for registering to our webinars, we are even more excited and eager to get the chance to speak to each one of you. We are certain this is the beginning of a new, effective and fruitful way of offering training to our clients, a new approach which will bring us closer to them.


    Visit the dedicated web page for the video of the webinar presentation.