Neutral Thermal Baths Austria

A new refrigeration centre for the thermal baths

Autumn is a time for spas and wellness, especially at the SPA Resort Therme Geinberg: staying here allows you to enjoy the treatments offered with the awareness of staying in Austria’s first CO2 neutral thermal bath. Like the SPA Resort Therme Geinberg, we at ThermoKey are also committed to sustainability and environmental awareness, and we are happy that this structure has chosen us as a partner for the installation of chillers and drycoolers that guarantee ecological and economic benefits, thanks to the high energy efficiency.

Bains thermaux neutres Autriche

For this project, as always, we started from the needs expressed by the customer to design and install a customized solution that includes low-noise systems equipped with an adiabatic system to respond optimally to ambient temperature peaks during the summer. The hot water at 100 ° C is taken from the geothermal system and brought to the chillers. In a subsequent phase, at a later stage , a second closed circuit is cooled by 6 ° C by the ThermoKey Drycooler. This water is then used in the 192 rooms, the congress center and the restaurant and kitchen areas of the hotel, which are therefore air-conditioned without emissions. The electricity and climate-damaging refrigerants needed in conventional air-conditioning systems are completely eliminated.

Bains thermaux neutres Autriche

For a further increase in efficiency and the elimination of unnecessary consumption, the air conditioning system is controlled in such a way that the chillers operate at an ambient temperature below 24 ° C and drycoolers at a higher ambienbt temperature.


Geinberg, Austria




Capacity 900 kW per unit, with EC fans, WFS adiabatic system, shock absorbers and flanges and customized electrical panel

Client's Needs:

  • Low noise system
  • Low electrical absorption
  • Drycooler with an adiabatic system for ambient temperature peaks during the summer period
  • Low pressure adiabatic system

ThermoKey Solution:

3 Super Power-J, model SJGQ2890C5/03QAF(EC)(WFS)S


  • High efficiency EC Brushless fans. Suitable for continuous operation, they represent an excellent solution in terms of reduced power consumption and continuous monitoring of each fan;
  • WFS system equipped with stainless steel pipes and fittings, valves, pressure gauge and nozzles in POM facing the finned pack, to achieve a very high saturation level;
  • Double-layer coated fins that allow the use of the spraying system on the finned pack with the possibility of less restrictive water parameters and a longer life cycle of the finned pack (1500 h Salt spray test (ASTM B117 5% NaCl bei 35 ° C pH 61.5-7.2).
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