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Customized solutions

ThermoKey, in its 30 years of experience, has been developing and applying the best industrial tailor-made solutions for chiller manufacturers and installers, combining expertise, market knowledge and innovation to deliver optimal results in terms of reliability, durability, delivery time, environmental sustainability and reduction of consumptions.

Flexibility in finding intelligent solutions and quick response time make us stand out from our competitors, and has allowed us to design and supply customized plants all over the world, even for the most demanding conditions. Every detail, even the smallest one, is designed to achieve the best result and guarantee the best performances.

We design customized products to meet every need

heat pump dry cooler

At ThermoKey we know that specific contexts require specific solutions. That’s why we design and can provide particular cooling as well as special casings and treatments for our units.

Our technicians assist the customer in the choice

Our technical staff is at your complete disposal: we individually analyze your specific needs and the environment in which the heat exchanger will be installed in order to provide the best solution granting optimization of performances and reduction of consumptions.

Heat pump dry cooler - technical features of the product: electrical panel and controller with different setpoint modes, customized heat exchanger circuit, low noise fans EC brushless, special customizable feet for both right and left inclination.




WQ1480.C 8/04 V W4EIUnAF(EC)S, 4 units: each with 4 fans diameter 800mm low noise (around 27dB(A)10m on working point) and low absorptions (around 380W on working point)

GQ1780. C 8/04 V W4EIUnAF(EC)S, 2 units: each with 7 fans diameter 800mm low noise (around 28dB(A)10m on working point) and low absorptions (around 651W on working point)


Heating of different buildings

Client's Needs

The installation site, located in Switzerland, requires an innovative solution with several units for the heating of different buildings, each with a capacity of 21/30kW. The dimensioning of the units had to take into account both the need of a low noise solution for residential installation and the low temperatures of Central Europe, thus foreseeing the possibility of heating fluids from -14 to -11°C in case of low temperature. The customer underlined the need to reduce CO2 emissions and gas cost.

ThermoKey Solution

ThermoKey sourcing its experience of similar installations provided a tailor-made solution based on heat pump systems installed outdoors combined with heat pump/compressors located indoors. The customized drycoolers use the energy from the air to produce hot water for district heating. The units are equipped with EC fans granting low noise levels, specific exchangers with large fin spacing and rendundant deair and ventile, and customized casing with special feet allowing inclination of the cooler on the left or right side.

Added value

  • Dedicated feet allowing water to drop on the side of the
    cooler in case of water forming during defrosting.
  • Special design allowing to incline the unit on both sides
    while keeping the electrical equipment (electrical box and
    EC controller) in position.
  • Fin spacing as high as possible and large fin thickness
    make maintenance, cleaning, and inspections easier during
    winter time.
frontal view of the heat pump