drycooler installation




Flower nursery


  • Power line drycooler model GL2490DN1/10VW3EIF(EC)S
  • Heat engine (CHP system).
  • Dry cooler dissipates excessive heat

Client’s needs

Temperature control of the water in the plant.

A gas engine is often used to generate electricity and heat at horticulturalists. A gas engine uses natural gas as an energy source and drives a generator that provides the necessary electrical energy. The exhaust gases are used for heating purposes (heating water for, among other things, greenhouse heating). This combination (electricity and heat generation) gives a high efficiency. However, there is sometimes a demand for electricity but there is not enough heat consumption. At that moment the water temperature rises too much and the surplus heat must be removed by the ThermoKey dry cooler (emergency cooler).

ThermoKey solution

Drycooler with

  • Aluminium magnesium fins
  • Wiring
  • Aluminium slip-on flanges
  • Repair switches
  • EC fans

Added value

Drycooler for high temperatures (to lower the temperature from 80°C to 21°C).

drycooler installation
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