Strawberry Plants Coldroom Refrigeration

Strawberry Plants Coldroom Refrigeration

A french company specilized in the production and marketing of strawberry plants, asparagus crowns and young red fruits plants chose ThermoKey for the refrigeration system of preservation coldroom.

ThermoKey supplied HEN unit cooler, units used in storage coldrooms for vegetables such as potatoes, onions, carrots and plants.

This type of unit cooler has been designed for coldrooms where high air volumes and high cooling capacity (kW) are required. HEN unit coolers with floor support legs, vertical coil (about 2 meters high) are able to develop high capacity thanks to the use of special high prevalence ducted fans

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HEN Unit Cooler model HEN480.86+4D6W(EC)S


Refrigeration – Coldroom for strawberry plants preservation

Client's Needs:

Preserve strawberry plants at controlled temperature around 0°C.

ThermoKey Solution:

HEN Unit cooler with upwards airflow for ducts.

Added Value:

  • High prevalence EC fan for redirect airflow.
  • Crossed circuit defrost system to save energy for defrost cycles.
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