Thermokey - Data Centre - Europe - 18 Dry Coolers V-Type with adiabatic EC fans

18 Dry Coolers V-Type with adiabatic EC fans

The Data Centre challenge

The solution we have come up with? 18 V-Type Dry Coolers with electronic fans, adiabatic and self-cleaning system.
The Dry Coolers have been specifically designed to provide the best and most efficient solution for the needs of the Data Centre:

  • Durability: corrosion protection of the finned pack, casing, electronic fans and electrical parts;
  • Reduced energy consumption for the cooling down system: free cooling with highly efficient EC fans and high pressure adiabatic system;
  • Easy maintenance: wash system with easy access during maintenance periods and remote controllable or/and at the side of the unit accessory systems.
  • Flexibility in use and reduced foot print: electrical powered system,controlled system, adiabatic system, dedicated cleaning for each single fan row system.
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