Gas Cooler

The new V-type ThermoKey gas cooler equipped with an evaporative panel system has been designed following a specific market demand to increase the capacity and efficiency of transcritical CO2 systems.

The peculiar V-shaped structure allows to make the most out of the adiabatic system and reduce the overall dimensions of the installation.

These units with the option of adiabatic air cooling allow an efficient operation even in regions where the ambient temperature could exceed 40 ° C, reducing the blocking chance of the refrigeration systems, commercial refrigeration (supermarkets) and industrial refrigeration (production, packaging and distribution).

EPS ADIABATIC SYSTEM (Evaporative Panel System)

The evaporative panel system is a system that allows you to reach a high saturation level and therefore an efficient capacity increase with low water consumption thanks to a homogeneous and modular distribution of water on the panels (unlimited hours per year).

Thanks to the evaporation contained inside the panel, no protective treatment is required for the exchangers. It is possible to use water distributed by the common water network.

The heat exchangers of the new ThermoKey gas cooler guarantee operating pressures of 120bar.

Dimensionally the gas coolers available are Jumbo V-type and Super Jumbo V-type (with the possibility of an adiabatic system) with cooling capacity up to 1200 kW (units available from 4 to 12 fans). Table units are also available (without adiabatic system) with cooling capacity up to 600 kW (units available from 4 to 10 fans).

The control panel developed for the management of the adiabatic system continuously adjusts the flow rate and consequently minimizes the water consumption based on the load request of the heat exchanger, the adjustment is based on the working speed of the electronically commutated motor fans, the factory parameters can be modified to adapt to different operating conditions and system needs (water saving / energy saving).

The cleaning system is available on request on all V-type units: a specific piping with two ramps per row with specific nozzles to wash the heat exchanger under pressure. The system allows the washing of the dirt accumulated on the finned pack from the inside towards the outside of the finned pack.





Refrigeration system of a supermarket


Dissipated power of 570 kW in condensation and 114 kW in evaporation

ThermoKey Solution:

We manufactured a 12 EC fan V-shape unit with low consumption and low sound levels

Added Value:

  • Heat exchangers with auxiliary evaporative rows for heat recovery (energy saving).
  • Treated heat exchanger with cataphoresis paint + UV Top Coat for installation in a coastal environment.
  • EPS adiabatic system with evaporative panels.
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