This is the Sport Hall of 100 Anniversary of Sports Club Cracow, alsocalled Sport Centre for the Disabled. The project started in Winter2016 and was officially opened in2018, May 18th.


The Sport Hall consists of: 2 levels above and 1 level under ground and tribunes for 788 people (48 places for people on wheelchairs). Total space 5102 m2. Usable space 3711 m2. Volume 40825 m3.


ThermoKey hassupplied for air condition applications 2 dry-coolers (very quiet) model GR2490.AZ4HW3EEbAF(EC)S with a capacity of 346 kW each. ThermoKey was chosen due to the very restrictive requirements regarding noise level. As the units are only50 metres from the residential area, noise power level is only 70 dB(A) which corresponds to the noise pressure level of 37 dB(A) at 10 metres.

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