chile salmon processing plant drycooler


chile salmon processing plant

ThermoKey is proud it was involved in the creation of this world-class salmon processing plant, designed with cutting-edge technologies for a sustainable development of the environment and of the community.
70 million dollars were invested for the construction of the infrastructure needed for the processing of 71,280 tons of raw material (finished product), the most advanced of Chile.
The plant was designed to achieve zero impact, in compliance with the highest technical standards for environmental protection, and it will be able to recycle 88% of the waste internally produced.


Puerto Natales, Chile 


JVAKH2690CN(EC)Q2E(EPSELV), 6 units

And Industrial Unit Coolers

Total Power

4800 kW


Salmon storage line and processing room

Client's Needs

  • Extremely low CO2 emissions
  • Use of natural refrigerant
  • Maximum water saving
  • Equipment suitable for coastal installation

ThermoKey Solution

chile salmon processing plant

  • Remote condensers model JVAKH2690CN (EC) Q2E (EPSELV) with stainless steel pipes for ammonia application
  • EPS PADS system with recirculation tank to maximize water savings, stainless steel casing and coil with C5M coating to avoid corrosion due to proximity to the sea
  • Industrial Unit Cooler ALT and BMT models for Ammonia Application due to the customer’s need to use a Natural Refrigerant for an extremely low environmental impact.

Added value

  • Attention to water consumption
  • Attention to the environment/refrigerant gases
  • Personalization of materials and finishings
  • 316L Stainless Steel Casing
  • C5M coating on coil for costal application
  • Low noise
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