Stainless steel Dry Coolers and microchannel modular Remote Condenser

Stainless steel Dry Coolers and microchannel modular Remote Condenser for Roche company

Roche, one of the largest pharmacology company in the world, have just started up its new 6000 m2 depot at Tortuguitas, Buenos Aires State, República Argentina.

The stored products must be kept at a controlled temperature between 15°C-25°C and with a set point temperature of 24° C in summer and 21° C in winter.

The thermal requirements are covered by a HVAC system, which is developed by Frimont S.A. (ThermoKey’s partner in Argentina) and is consisted of Air Treatment Units (UTA) for each one of the areas of equal thermal behaviour.

Depending on the internal and external conditions, a central thermal plant (chiller) generates hot or cold water, to condition the air flowing through the UTA.

This thermal plant, is integrated by a water cooling unit (chiller) and heat pump, integrated with screw compressors working with Refrigerant R-717 (Ammonia),and remote condensers provided by ThermoKey.

The products supplied by ThermoKey have been designed to best meet the customer needs:

  • The oil coolers model GH1280C2/16V(EC)S have stainless steel tubes and heaters because there are ISOVG68 oil and ammonia in the circuit. They are also equipped with EC “Brushless” fans to save electricity;
  • The TKmicro V-type modular remote condensers, with microchannel technology cores designed for ammonia applications, ensure modularity, size compactness, low installation costs and a lower environmental impact (cores in 100% recyclable aluminium) also eliminating CO2 emissions.
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