Thermokey - Khoms Project - Libya - V-type Industrial Dry Coolers

V-type Industrial Dry Coolers

Industrial Dry Coolers for the Turbogas Power Plant

Khoms power plant will be situated in the city of Kohms, 120 kilometres east of Tripoli, in Libya.
The project consists in a Turbogas Power Plant, with a 525 Mwe net production capacity, which will supply power to the Libyan Grid.
The combined cycle plant will be based on two General Electric gas turbines model 9FA.03, 261 MW each.
The main fuel will be Natural Gas and Light Distilled Oil for back up.
The site area is 37.000 square meters for the new Power Plant, and an additional 6.300 square meters to stock the backup fuel.
Desalinated water will be the main source for both production of de-mineralized water and water for firefighting; it will be supplied by the existing plant.
ThermoKey will supply VType Industrial Dry Coolers, located inside a closed water cooling system, and will be used to cool down the water that flows through the shell & tube coolers – which in turn – cool down both gas and oil for the three compressors.

Each Dry Cooler has the following characteristics:

  • Complete unit with “double layer” pre-painted fins suitable for aggressive environments.
  • C4H, IP55 fans.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel ANSI 150 flanges.
  • 180 micron painted carpentry.
  • Copper tubes with increased thickness.
  • Dry Coolers packed in an HT treated sealed crate, with sea bag and salts.
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