Customer: FDA2 (Frigorifique d’Ablis)

 Logistics platform for frozen food

Application: Transcritical DX CO2 refrigeration production of 240 kW with heat recovery for the unit cooler defrosting system (imbricated circuits of the coil). Cold room -23 ° C, dimensions 70m x 27m x 14m, about 27,000 m3.

Unit equipment:

  • 4 units of 62 kW each, with 10 row coil – 11 mm fin spacing
  • PT 50bar / PS 45bar
  • 5 brushless EC fans d. 630 mm wired in a general junction box with the possibility of regulation via 0-10V signal to minimize electricity consumption and optimize the regulation
  • RAL9010 painted casing
  • RAL9010 painted double insultated air inlet cowling to increase the efficiency of the defrosting system and reduce the formation of frost over time
  • Heating band on the entire cowling
  • Defrosting system with imbricated circuit + defrosting coil on the drip tray
  • Adapter cowling for air sock
  • Hinged double insulated drip tray for easy maintenance / cleaning
  • Stainless steel upwards connections
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