Thermokey - Natural refrigerants - Bushehr - Iran - 3 Blast Freezer unit cooler for NH3

3 Blast Freezer unit coolers for NH3

Fast Freezing systems for fish processing industry in Bushehr, Iran

There is a rapidly growing demand for natural refrigerants from processing cold storage or fast cooling plants, where high capacity and high air flow are needed.
To meet these specific market demands, Thermokey is able to satisfy any type of performance and material combination, maintaining the highest product quality standards.
In Bushehr, (IranThermokey is now supplying a plant equipped with 3 industrial Blast Freezer unit cooler for NH3 with highly resistant structural casing and with stainless steel heat exchangers (total capacity over 270kW, with over 1500 sqm heat exchange surface and 375.000 mc/h air capacity).
This plant will be able to freeze 40 tons of fish per day.

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