Thermokey - Médipôle de koutio health center - Dumbéa - New caledonia - 12 Dry Coolers

12 Dry Coolers with specific characteristics

ThermoKey has been chosen for an important air-conditioning system in New Caledonia

Médipôle de Koutio is a health center in the town of Dumbéa, in New Caledonia, which holds the assets of four sites in a single area of 90.000 square meters.
Thermokey has taken part to the creation process of the air conditioning system of the complex Médipôle de Koutio , started in 2015, providing 12 Drycoolers to condition the hospital and following a variety of specifications to meet the needs of this peculiar installation:

  • To withstand the aggressive environment due to sea proximity the Dry Coolers are equipped with double layer pre-painted fins.
  • To meet the request for low energy consumption (36,2 kW for each unit) highly efficient and durable EC (brushless) fans are used.
  • To respect the intended use of the structure (a hospital), a low noise level ( 108dB(A) total acoustic level in a 13.056 kW plant) is achieved thanks to electronic fans.
  • To avoid rain backwater (which can cause legionnaires’ disease , dengue fever and other diseases) ThermoKey has re-designed the units avoiding any concave areas and equipping them with adequate screws and bolts.
  • For a higher efficiency in the presence of flexional loads, heat-galvanized steel IPE beams (type HEB200) have been supplied with wide parallel wings and greater flexional stiffness.

Finally, ThermoKey has performed the FAT test – final test to verify and confirm specification and contract requirements – in the presence of the customer. The customer was able to:

  • Visually verify and inspect the units.
  • Verify the acoustic level (noise level) at rpms indicated in the technical specification.
  • Attend the electrical test on the dry coolers and checking the intensity at different work stages.
  • Attend a brief training regarding speed control system.
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