drycooler installed at one european State Mint

The State Mint

Dry coolers state mint

In 2021, 5,839.9 million banknotes were printed by the European state mints for a total of 209,273.5 million euros. The production of 6,088.0 million banknotes is expected for 2022, for a total of 305,810.0 million euros.

The environmental impact of each cash transaction is 4.6 grams of CO2 and it is mostly due to the production phase of the coins and to the “operational” phase, which includes the operation of ATMs and the transport of coins and banknotes.

To implement and maintain a sustainable production chain, state mints continuously invest in advanced technologies and use the latest generation of cooling systems.

ThermoKey is proud of its role as a partner of a European mint, which has chosen it for the efficiency, durability and sustainability of its solutions.




Super Power-J Dry Cooler model SJGH2090CN2/06QAF(EC)(WFS)S with WFS system

Total Power

1330 kW


Cooling down production machines 

drycooler installed at one european State Mint

Client's Needs

The requests of the state mint concerned the cooling down to 25 ° C of the production machines

ThermoKey Solution

ThermoKey has supplied Super Power J Drycooler model SJGH2090CN2/06QAF(EC)S with WFS system and with a power of 1330KW

Added value

  • EC Brushless fans: high efficiency fans suitable for continuous operation that guarantee an excellent solution to lowered energy consumption and for the continuous monitoring of each fan;

  • Electrical panel equipped with additional 7 ”screen. A customized solution to provide the customer both digital and analog interface to the system, with the possibility to manage automatically both the valves and the adiabatic system;

  • WFS system equipped with stainless steel pipes and fittings, valves, pressure gauge and POM nozzles facing the finned pack so as to reach a very high level of saturation;

  • Double-layer fins that allow the use of the spraying system on the finned pack with the possibility of less restrictive water parameters and a longer “life time” (1500 h Salt spray test (ASTM B117 5% NaCl at 35 ° C pH 6.5- 7.2)

Dry coolers state mint

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