Thermokey - Engine Deutz - Favignana - Italy - 1 Dry Cooler with stainless steel 304 casing and 10 fans

1 Dry Cooler with stainless steel 304 casing, 10 fans

Cooling down the engine Deutz TBD 620 V16 in the power plant in Favignana island in Sicily

The configured system meets the requirements of reliability and resistance to corrosion, characteristics of this type of application for the marine environment.
The Dry Cooler will cool down the 2 low and high temperature circuits of a 620 kW CHP co-generation system at the service of the power plant.

Reliability in time: Dry cooler with a stainless steel 304 casing and heat exchange coil with copper tubes and fins with a category C5I (ISO12944) anti-corrosive treatment for durability above 15 years in particularly aggressive marine environments.
Power efficiency and silent operation mode 10 1000mm diameter fans which, thanks to their toothed profile and in compliance with the directive “Energy related Products” (ErP 2015), are highly efficient and low noise.
Effectiveness: Electric panel equipped with a new regulation system designed to optimize the performance of the engine.

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