Cars Tires Production Serbia

Cars Tires Production Serbia


Kruševac, Serbia



1780 kW


Automotive market:
Production of car tires

Cars Tires Production Serbia

Client's Needs

Cool down the water of the chillers used in the production process.

ThermoKey Solution

ThermoKey supplied a Power-J Drycooler with EC fans, speed controller and manometer

Added value

  • The high efficiency EC Brushless fans, suitable for continuous operation, ensure low power consumption and continuous monitoring of each fan
  • The unit is supplied with a nitrogen pre-charge of about 3 bars displayed on the pre-installed manometer

ThermoKey has designed the lifting eyes to ensure a correct and easy handling of the dry cooler in compliance with safety standards. Each fan module is separated from the other thanks to panels in order to avoid air by-pass and to optimize the efficiency of the heat exchanger. In this way the correct and proportional functioning of each module is granted.

A protection cover on the headers side and a closing cover on the return bend side of the coil avoid any damage even to the most fragile parts. Standard painted casing with C4 protection-class, designed in galvanized steel which is oven painted
with polyurethanic resins to guarantee a perfect durability over time. In order to verify the correct pressure of the circuit, the unit is supplied with nitrogen charge of about 3 bars, which can be checked on the manometer mounted in factory

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