Client’s needs:
  • guarantee fluid temperature control at the requested maximum temperature thank’s to adiabatic system (EPS)

  • process cooling

  • specific hygienic standards

  • accurate EPS control

  • correct water consumption

ThermoKey solution:

EPS (Evaporative Panel System) with complete regulation




  • 5 pcs SJGH21090CN/04Q2EAF(EC)(EPS)S – 1670kW per each unit)

  • 6 pcs SJGH2890C1/04Q2EAF(EC)(EPS)S – 1369,30kW per each unit)

Added value:
  • excellent reputation in the market

  • technical follow up before, during and after

  • quality of documentation

  • respect of site dimensions

  • realization in the short needed delivery time

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