Thermokey - Orc plants in the geothermic area of Umurlu - Turkey - 2 Dry Coolers model GL2490CNYVQZS

2 Dry Coolers, model GL2490CNYVQZS

Dry Coolers combined with Orc Systems

Thermokey confirms its presence in the power generation plant market, where alternative, renewable energy is employed. Indeed, two Dry Coolers (model GL2490CNYVQZS) will be used in the geothermic area of Umurlu, South-West Turkey, to cool down the turbines of two ORC plants, for an overall 24 MW.

The dry coolers are equipped with special fans, 180 micron powder coated casing and stainless steel finned pack heat exchanger, to withstand environments where hydrogen sulphide is present.

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