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Germany, Andechs


Andechser Natur


Ammonia condenser 

EPS SuperJumbo drycooler

Founded more than a hundred years ago in Germany, between Lake Starnberg and the Ammersee, Andechser Natur offers dairy products using only certified organic milk by animals raised on outdoor pasture. The company guarantees the entire traceability of the supply chain, from the producer to the consumer.

ThermoKey participates in this sustainable production with 1 remote ammonia condenser and 2 SuperJumbo EPS drycoolers (Evaporative Panel System).

Thanks to our remote ammonia condenser, the company is able to recover the waste energy to reuse it in the production process, while our latest generation Dry Coolers are used in the industrial refrigeration process of organic yogurt.

Technical specifications


Units have the following same characteristics:

  • low noise electronic fans
  • adjustment solution with interface for customer-side control, customization of alarm signal for fans in pairs and customer control dedicated for each row of fans
  • simplified EPS adiabatic system with on/off valves for an easier regulation but still suitable for any need of adjustment (directly run from the plant panel)

Condenser: JVAR2890C1W4EA(EC)(EPSSPV)S

  • Large dimension Ammonia condenser
  • Tubes and headers in Stainless steel 304

Drycooler: SJGR2090CN5/04W4EAF(EC)(EPS)S

  • Large superjumbo drycooler
  • Fin spacing and thickness can be personalized
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