The support of exoskeletons to protect the health of workers

From  this week, we started using exoskeletons in our production department: they are wearable robotic structures that act in symbiosis with the operator following his intention of movement. This technology provides a valid aid to workers by helping to prevent and delay the onset of musculoskeletal disorders associated with strenuous tasks.

In particoular, following preliminary tests with the involvement of our RLS Riccardo Ambrosio, we opted for the MATE-XT exoskeleton from the Italian manufacturer Comau.

This is a non-actuated passive exoskeleton (without motors) capable of supporting the upper limbs of the wearer by replicating the physiological movements of arms and shoulders. In this way the load perceived by the worker is relieved (muscular effort is reduced by 30% at shoulder level), significantly decreasing physical fatigue. The backrest in carbon fiber permits to support the spine, also improving ergonomics, the use of the exoskeleton helps increase the well-being of the operators and the quality of work in the medium and long term consequently

We currently have two exoskeletons and we are gradually introducing their use in the assembly (tube threading) and shearing (handling of the coils) departments with very positive feedbacks.