Esy 1 is a tension speed controller used with asynchronous single-phase motors mounted on heat exchangers.


Single-phase power supply:1ph+N+PE 230V ± 20 % – 50/60Hz.

Working temperatures: -10°C ÷ 50°C.

Box in thermoplastic UV protected material with protection class IP56.

Input by external signal or transducer: 4-20mA; 0-5V; 0-10V; NTC 10KOhm 25°C;

Regulation mode MASTER “P” (temperature or pressure probes) or SLAVE (0-10V)

Possibility of connection for temperature probes (default) or pressure probes.

Working parameters selectables with trimmers:

  • Max Out : Max output limit RPM
  • Min Out : Max output limit RPM
  • SP : Main Set-Point 1
  • SP adj. : Set-Point 1 fine adjustment

Special Functions selectables with trimmers:

  • J1: Direct (DEFAULT) /Inverse;
  • J2: Speed at set-point Max (Default) / Min;
  • J3: Start regulation Mode Start Vac (Default) / Min speed;
  • J4: Output for Extra Slave Power 0-10V (Default) / PWM 4.20mA.

N°1 output 0-10Vdc/PWM for slave unit.

Led for power supply.

Led for Setpoint higher than input signal.