Thermokey’s selection software


Our software easily selects the most suitable air-cooled units for your needs, creating the technical data sheet (with technical data and also with prices of unit and accessories) that will be processed to the sales department.

A complete software

TK Archimede enables you to select the complete range of ThermoKey’s round tube products and, starting from 2016, also the microchannel condensers.

It is possible to use the software both in check mode and selection mode.

In selection mode, before inserting data it is possible to select the type of unit you are interested in: drycoolers, condensers, DX unit coolers, Pump unit coolers or Brine unit coolers.

Inside each category the products are furtherly divided into series and sub-series , following the application field.

In check mode, you can set filters in capacity, sound level, fan type , etc…. and look for the units which fit your needs at best.

If you already know the unit you are interested in, in the check mode it is possible to modify the thermodynamic parameters both on the air side and the fluid side, and then to add the accessories.

TK Archimede is continuously updated with more and more new features, unit types, accessories and library (fans, refrigerants, fluids and row materials).


  • availability of several units of measurement;
  • 12 available languages;
  • check and selection mode;
  • possibility to have a customer list;
  • check and selection mode;
  • possibility to select fluids and gases according to latest REFPROP library;
  • possibility to select units by entering design data as input;
      • possibility to export the data sheets in PDF and Word format;
        • air side: possibility to modify inlet air temperature, altitude, humidity;
        • heat exchange side: possibility to modify
          • for water coils; fluid type, inlet and outlet fluid temperature (or fluid flow);
          • for condensing coil; fluid type, condensing , sub-cooling and super-heating temperature;
          • for direct expansion unit coolers: refrigerant type, evaporating and sub-cooling temperature;
          • for pump unit coolers: refrigerant type, evaporation temperature, quantity of recirculation;
      • possibility to modify fin spacing , fin thickness, fin materials according to the application;
      • wide range of available accessories among which: shock absorbers, fan speed controller, no-standard connection, adiabatic systems etc..;
      • economic and energy analysis of the selected unit;
      • possibility to select dry coolers and condensers in reverse mode (heat pump);
      • possibility to print the unit data-sheet with thermodynamic data, drawings and gross unit prices;
      • possibility to print the technical description of the selected unit and its accessories;
      • possibility to export the data sheets in PDF and Word format.

Available series and sub-series

  • Unitcoolers DX – Direct expansion unitcoolers
    • Cubic
    • Industrial Dual Flow
    • Dual Flow
    • Radial
    • Blast Freezer
    • Light cubic
    • Commercial Dual Flow
    • Fruit coolers
  • PUMP Unitcoolers
    • Cubic (NH3)
    • Dual Flow (NH3)
    • Blast Freezer (NH3)
    • Cubic (CO2)
    • Blast Freezer (CO2)
  • BRINE Unitcoolers
    • Cubic
    • Industrial Dual Flow
    • Dual Flow
    • Radial
    • Fruit Coolers
  • Remote Condensers
    • TKSmart
    • Modular Microchannel
    • Turbo-line
    • Turbo-J
    • Turbo-Line (NH3)
    • Turbo-J (NH3)
  • Dry Coolers
    • Power-Line
    • Power-J (Jumbo and Superjumbo)

Minimum system requisites

  • Windows 10m Vista, 7, 8, XP SP2 or above;
  • 1Ghz Processor;
  • 256 MB Ram;
  • 200 MB hard disk;
  • screen resolution 1024 x 768.


  • The first time you enter the program, if there are no previous versions of TK Archimede already installed, a window will open with your personal serial number.
  • Ask for your activation code writing to indicating your serial number, your business name and your email address.
  • ThermoKey will send you the activation code to insert


Archimede 2017: new release (06/2017)

  • New fans (for dimensions and features)
  • New microchannel modular series
  • New speed controllers and electrical panels
  • New refrigerants
  • New print layout


Software for the selection and the calculation of microchannel condensers realized with the innovative TKMicro technology.

The installation is really easy and the software is continuously updated. The only thing you have to do is insert the filters required, add the accessories and send us the data sheet of the unit you are most interested in.

Thermodynamic selection and dimensioning

TK Cardano is a thermodynamic selection and dimensioning software of remote condensers realized with microchannel cores.
The software enables you to visualize a list of units that respect the requisites of the user.
These requisites can be: fan type, sound level to a given distance and heat-capacity of the unit.
The selection can be done giving different thermodynamic conditions both on the refrigerant than on the inlet air of the core.

Once you have the list of the units that respect the requisites given it is possible to visualize them in order of price, capacity or of other quantities desired. This way it is possible to choose the unit that best responds to your needs.

Once you have defined the unit you want it is possible to create a detailed data sheet with drawings, thermodynamic, electronic, acoustic data and foot-print.

TK Cardano is developed completely internally and it is the result of Thermokey’s experience in the thermodynamic calculation of microchannel condensers.


  • refrigerant side: availability of the major refrigerants present on the market, possibility to calculate the heat-performance at the changing of the condensing, sub-cooling and de-superheat temperatures;
  • air side: possibility to change altitude, humidity and inlet temperature;
  • both selection and check mode available;
  • possibility to export the data sheets in PDF, Xls, Word and Ods format;
  • technical drawing with footprints and quotes;
  • measure units both in metric units than in English units;
  • 15 languages available.


  • Table-Type
  • V-Type

Minimum system requisites

  • Windows XP SP2 or above;
  • 1GHz processor;
  • 512 MB ram;
  • 50 MB available space on the disk.


  • After you have downloaded the set-up from Themokey’s website, start the software.
    You will be asked a user-name and a password.
  • Ask for your access data to giving your business name and a valid email address.