Thermokey - specialized in tailor-made solutions

The latest plants built by the company meet the clients’ needs and guarantee both performance and timeliness: in Nigeria, in Favignana or in the far-away New Caledonia.

Flexibility in finding intelligent solutions, along with quick response time, also in the case of special projects. These are the key words that outline ThermoKey’s  new path, a Friuli based company whose goal is to become the ideal partner in supplying “ad hoc” plants for heat exchange, tailored to the customers’ specific needs.

An adaptability that is essential and that has allowed the company to develop the skills of a technical-productive division, which has – in the recent months – completed various plants around the world.

Such as the one in the desert area of Agbara’s Opic Estate, in Nigeria, where ThermoKey has designed a compact and reliable solution to cool a gas compression station, made by an engine and a compressor. ThermoKey has built 3 different cooling circuits, inserted in a single DryCooler VType unit, dedicating a circuit to the compressor and two circuits to the engine, aftercooler and jacket.

The Company has worked also in Dumbéa, New Caledonia – 16 thousand kms away – at the Médipôle de Koutio medical centre: 4 sites within a 90.000 square metres area. In this case, ThermoKey took part in the realization of the air-conditioning system, supplying 12 drycoolers for the entire hospital. The specific design needs have required specific productive specifications: double coating to resist the sea salt aggression, low electrical consumption, low sound emission, stiffer steel beams and machines modified to avoid  rainwater stagnation.

Corrosion was also a problem, causing continuous black-outs in the energy production plant in Favignana, a stunning island in the Egadi. To solve this problem, ThermoKey came up with a solution which used a liquid cooler with a stainless steel casing and a tubes & fin heat exchanger completely made of copper, completed with anti-corrosion treatment in order to guarantee a service life of over 15 years. The low noise fans are managed by a special speed controller which guarantees the outgoing cooling water temperature for both integrated circuits, low and high temperature.

In Parma, a grocery store part of a major retail chain, needed to reduce to the minimum its energy consumption and pollutant emission. In this case, a specific mixed heat exchange technology was used – aluminium microchannel plus a traditional copper tube coil, inserted in a total heat recovery unit.

Thanks to ThermoKey heat exchangers, the multi-purpose refrigeration unit can function simultaneously for the systems: food refrigeration, winter heating, summer air conditioning and sanitary hydrothermal.

The system uses exclusively carbon dioxide and R1234ze refrigerant, known for having the lowest impact on the environment, therefore completely eliminating HFC refrigerants with a high greenhouse effect.