ThermoKey 30th anniversary

ThermoKey 30th anniversary

They were 30 years of challenges, of innovation, of extraordinary changes.

Ever since our foundation, in 1991, our goal has been providing the best heat exchange solutions according to the specific needs of our diverse clients.

Over the years we committed to fulfill this objective, step by step, by adopting and developing technologies in line with the times or even ahead of time.

ThermoKey 30th anniversary

The most significant example is our TKMicro. In 2010 we were the first in the world able to manufacture aluminum microchannel cores – easily recyclable, lighter and more convenient – up to 6 meters long, by investing in cutting-edge equipment which led us to be among the industry top players today.

Later on, when the new governance came onto the scene in 2013, our actions – already headed towards sustainability – increasingly focused on creating products able to grant reliability while reducing consumption at the same time.

We know that designing solutions that are increasingly efficient and able to improve our everyday life will become more and more important in the future, as we know that the air conditioning and refrigeration market – whose environmental impact is unfortunately still too high – will continue to grow, reaching a value of nearly USD 301 billion by 2026*. That’s why we keep setting ambitious goals for ourselves in the future.

ThermoKey’s growth path was gradual and steady, and it would not have been possible without our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and also our competitors, pushing us to improve further every day.

Today we want to thank all of you, we have got this far only thanks to you!

30 years have gone by, but our enthusiasm and our passion are still the same, and we are looking forward to seeing what the next 30 years hold for us.

What we are sure will never change are our deep connection with the territory, and our willingness to commit to social and environmental sustainability: supporting growth, employment, and development of our region while contributing to the green transition of our industry at the same time, to have a positive impact on all our stakeholders.


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* Global HVAC Market Outlook, Expert Market Research
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