Name: R32 (HFC-32) – Difluoromethane

Type: Difluoromethane

Chemical formula: CH2F2

ThermoKey microchannel core (TKMicro25), thanks to its high-quality materials and increased thicknesses, is already compatible with the new R32 and all the refrigerants, current and future ones, with operating pressure (PS) equal to 50 bar and inlet temperature on the gas side of the exchanger (TS) equal to 150 ° C.

The advantages in using R32
  • Energy efficiency: with equal consumptions, R32 allows the systems in which it is contained to be more energy efficient and to use a smaller amount of refrigerant gas with R32 compared to R410A (about -25%).

  • Environmental impact: The new gas has a GWP of 675 and ODP equal to 0. It reduces the potential environmental impact of a third compared to R410A, influencing less on the global warming.

  • Management costs: since the GWP value of R32 gas is 675, it allows to realize plants containing up to 7 kilos of gas without exceeding the threshold that obligates to control the losses, keeping the equipment register and annual declaration to ISPRA, threshold that for R410 gas is already exceeded at 2.4 kilos of gas.

  • Compliance to future standards: For the European Market and CE Regulation 517/2014 from 01stJanury 2025 all the Air Condition systems mono split (Max 3 kilos of Refrigerant gas) will be accepted with max GWP of 750.

Physical properties

Molecular weight: 52,02 kg/kmol

Boiling point at 1.013 bar: -51,63°C

Relative steam pressure at 20°C: 13,80 bar

Critical temperature: 78,1°C

Critical pressure: 58 bar

Specific thermal capacity at constant pressure (Cp) at 25°: 0,04374 kj/(kg.K)

Specific thermal capacity at constant volume (Cp) at 25°: 0,0349 kj/(kg.K)

Ratio of specific heats (Range; Cp / Cv) a 25°: 1,253

Density of saturated liquid at 20°: 1,1 kg/m3

Density of saturated steam at 20°:  1,8 kg/m3

Flammability: yes

GWP: 675

ODP: 0

ADR/RID: 2.1


CAS: 70-10-5

EINECS: 200-839-4