A revolutionary innovation for thermal efficiency in Europe

We are excited to present our innovative 3D distributor, the result of years of research and development in collaboration with the University of Udine.
It is a state-of-the-art solution, equipped with a helix groove and secondary channels that generate vortices to effectively mix the coolant flow. Designed using advanced CFD simulations, it has been validated through strict laboratory tests that have shown a significant increase in evaporator yield, improving it up to 7%.

Over the past six years we have collaborated with important industrial companies such as Wärtsilä, Gruppo Cividale, SMS Group and Brovedani on the Additive FVG Square project, within the Friuli Innovazione park, becoming pioneers in the field of 3D printing of metals.

This evidence, fundamental to explore and experience the potential offered by 3D printing of metals, has allowed us to evaluate and overcome the problems related to the conception of our 3D distributor, first of all the non-homogeneity of the two-phase refrigerant at the inlet of the distributor.

The non-homogeneity of the vapour/liquid components – which may be due to plant engineering factors such as the presence of curves, valves, section changes, etc. – In fact, it entails an inhomogeneity of the refrigerant input into the exchanger, which in turn results in inefficiency in the system and a decrease in the heat transfer to the evaporator.

Thanks to the comparison with partners we were able to solve this problem, and now we look at the next steps with a mixture of pride and expectation: on the one hand, the European Patent Office has officially announced that our 3D distributor will obtain the European patent, recognising it as a real innovation in our field.

On the other hand, we are preparing to install this cutting-edge technology in our products, further strengthening ThermoKey’s positioning in thermal efficiency and environmental sustainability.