The EC BASIC Eb is a multifunction and multiple-input unit for the regulation of speed of three phase electronically commutated motors installed on axial fans, which is designed to regulate different EC motors, in a simultaneous and coordinated way, using programmable input signals.


Power supply: 2ph+PE 400Vac ±10% (other voltages upon request)
Working temperatures: -20°C ÷ 50°C
Junction box in thermoplastic UV protected material with protection class IP55
Regulation mode MASTER or SLAVE
Principle of PID regulation. Optional Proportional mode
Regulation by 13 grades detents and dip-switch
Setting Min and Max fan velocity
Setting Max fan velocity at night mode
External or transducer Input: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V,NTC 10KOhm 25°C
Possibility of connection for temperature probes (default) or pressure probes
Auxiliary contacts available:

  • S1: mode direct (default with contact NO) – reverse (contact NC)
  • SP: Selection setpoint 1 or 2 (default SP1 with contact NO, SP2 with contact NC)
  • S3: Night speed limitation (default OFF with contact NO, ON with contact NC)
  • S2: ON – OFF speed control (default ON with contact NO, OFF with contact NC)

N° 1 programmable relay output:

  • RL1 contact relay of general alarm

N° 1 analogic output 0-10V (fan speed regulation)
N° 1 auxiliary output
Led for signalling faults