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TKMicro® microchannel heat exchangers are widely recognized as an efficient technology with thousands of successful worldwide installations in most of HVAC/R application fields. Since 2010, ThermoKey has manufactured condenser and water microchannel cores leading in Europe a technological transition from traditional round-tube Cu-Al heat exchangers.

TKMicro® is an opportunity for the OEMs to change over to more efficient heat transfer solutions, to lighter assemblies and to more environmental-friendly units thanks to the lower refrigerant charge (up to 80%) and pressure drop on both air and refrigerant sides. This trend is not only an undeniable opportunity for the market, but a concrete response with immediate impact to the present climate change. In short, TKMicro® is a green technology.

But that’s not enough. Most of the well-known advantages of TKMicro® are connected to the operation performance, but behind this product there is more to tell.

TKMicro® is 100%-made by primary aluminum. In Europe the carbon intensity connected to its production process decreased by -21% vs 2010 and by -55% vs 1990, reaching today an average of 6.7 kgCO2,eq for 1 kg of primary aluminum. Average greenhouse emissions at global scale are in the range of 17 kgCO2,eq/kg Al, where coal base productions typical of China and Middle East regions reach up to 20 kgCO2,eq/kg Al (source: Aluminum Environmental Profile Report, 2018).

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Aluminum is a circular material, capable of being recycled repeatedly and able to keep all its original properties (light weight, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, strength at low temperatures, formability). In Europe, the recycling rates are over 90% in the automotive and building sectors, and 75% for aluminum cans. The aluminum recycling process saves 95% of the energy needed to produce the primary metal (source: European Aluminum).

It is foreseen that the worldwide demand of semi-fabricated aluminum by 2050 will increase up +39% (source: CRU 2018).

Under such scenarios it is essential to strengthen synergies among stakeholders of the whole aluminum value chain promoting the adoption of a European circular economy policy. This will impact positively not only on environmental indicators but also it represents a strategic opportunity for meeting forthcoming demand through European recycled Aluminum. In this context the HVAC/R market will play a major role.

TKMicro® reflects the brand’s values we at ThermoKey try to follow daily and want more and more to pursue. We feel committed to work together with our suppliers, clients and project partners in order to substantially contribute for a real European Green Deal. We put at disposal our know-how and expertise for designing together more efficient solutions that can improve everyday life.

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