1. Webinar TKAcademy_microcanale


Smart cooling with the microchannel solution

Thanks to the efforts of our team of experts on the microchannel, we launched the first training module of our TKAcademy which was dedicated to the “Intelligent cooling with the microchannel solution“.

Thanks to the interest met from chiller manufacturers, we want to further deepen the most technical aspects of our offer in order for them to be able to propose the most profitable solutions to their customers.

For those who were not able to participate to the webinars we can provide the video of the presentation during the one-to-one meetings.



The first training module is dedicated to Microchannel, in particular:

  • Microchannel vs round tube: pros and cons
  • How to assess the quality of a microchannel core?
  • Core selection and co-engineering
  • The correct sizing of the fan unit