Every day we work hard to be one of the most innovative and fastest companies in the market and thus meet the needs of our customers around the world by providing effective, personalized and reliable solutions.

ThermoKey’s competitive strategy is also based on the ability to define the best technological solution which best optimises the customer’s economic investment, not only at the time of purchase, but for the entire life cycle of the product (Total Cost of Ownership).

To keep this market positioning it is necessary to remain “at the edge of innovation” by investing in technologies, processes and people.

The project “Re-engineering and automation of the product development and integration among information systems processes” is part of the broadest competitive business development program and its main targets are the following:

  • the development of business performance analysis tools to support decisions (business intelligence)

  • the development of automatic drawing and material billing procedures

  • the simplification and centralization of the technical data management by implementing a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software

  • the streamlining of information exchange between the different business tools in a Knowledge management project


Friuli Venezia Giulia Region has recognized the value of ThermoKey’s project by granting a loan through the POR FESR 2014-2020 instrument Line 1.2.a.1 “Incentives to companies for process and organizational innovation activities” .
The amount of the Financial Support received is of € 116,371.58.