ThermoKey is pleased to present you the first corporate Sustainability Report for year 2022

To ThermoKey, the Sustainability Report represents an important step forward in its mission to make the market of HVAC/R increasingly sustainable.

At ThermoKey we believe that our real challenge is to positively influence people’s lives through innovative and low environmental impact solutions.

For over 30 years, we have been providing our expertise and knowledge of market to innovate our products, making them increasingly energy efficient, reducing emissions and optimising the use of resources. This allows us to keep up with the evolution of the market and guide its changes to offer our customers a competitive advantage in terms of performance.

Today , we can boast important achievements, including:

  • development of TKMicro microchannel technology, the greenest in the refrigeration market;

  • use of refrigerant fluids considered “green” such as ammonia, propane, CO2 and water for our products;

  • closed-circuit process cooling solutions to contrast water waste;

  • heat dissipation solutions in freecooling or heat recovery, through the new “Multi System Dual Flow“.

We also want to make a positive contribution to the community and our employees. We are working to find new solution to protect the health of our people. We collaborate with universities and research organizations to offer new generations the opportunity to grow and train.

Our commitment to sustainability is a fundamental value for ThermoKey and represents a strategic priority for our future. With our first Sustainability Report, we want to trace the virtuous path taken so far and define the guidelines that will determine future activities and investments, to ensure a positive impact on environmental, social and governance issues.