Rivarotta di Rivignano Teor (UD) – 11th March 2020 

ThermoKey states that all company activities proceed as usual:

  • our premises can be reached without any traffic restriction (neither for cars nor for trucks);
  • production and order deliveries have not been stopped or interrupted;
  • carriers and forwarders are allowed to carry out loading and unloading operations (in compliance with the safety instructions set by the Company to access our facilities);
  • raw materials restock is regular and thanks to current stock quantities the company is able to ensure operations for an appropriate period of time.

ThermoKey constantly monitors all decisions and activities of National and local public Authorities, to guarantee the highest possible level of safety.

Our offices, both in Italy and abroad, and all our employees are committed to respect guidelines provided by the WHO, the National Institute of Health, local Health authorities of each country where we are located, and the Civil Protection, in order to contribute to the emergency control.

Therefore we have adopted further actions:

  • strict control of access areas for external people such as suppliers, carriers, drivers etc…;
  • extra disinfection of our offices, common areas and production departments;
  • meetings are reduced to the minimum and at the same time teleconferences are highly promoted and used;
  • possibility of on-line home working for our employees;
  • production departments were organized so as to be independent of each another.


For any additional inquiry / doubt, do not hesitate to contact our sales persons.