Bilancio annuale 2022

During the course of 2022 TK pursued its growing strategy with determination, following the innovation guideline, confirming itself as one of the  reference players in Italy and Europe in the refrigeration and air conditioning  field. 

Challenges connected with global phaenomena – sometimes not easy to foresee- have not been lacking and have forced companies to operate difficult choices. ThermoKey thanks to its over 30 years experience was proud to show its value despite these unstable periods of time. 

Once again our company managed to adapt and grow within an increasingly competitive sector. Thanks to its market connoiseurship, highly customized design solutions and the great flexibility supported by the the whole supply chain management, ThermoKey is the ideal partner for thrilling solutions, ready to welcome and satisfy its customers’ requests.

Strategic choices undertaken in these last years are giving the company great satisfactions: 17,47% revenue increase in 2022 respect to 2021 equal to 46.8 million euros.

In further addition to that, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is ThermoKey statutory auditor and certifies its positive legal and financial status.

These successful evidences let us invest in an even  more solid future,  never forgetting  that this field is witnessing deep transformations and changes strictly bound to commercial and industrial growth.

On this basis, research and development turn out to be the main priorities and they have to be inserted in a sustainability perspective . The company is involved for a long time now in a very important path for the enhancement of innovative technological solutions. Getting a positive impact in consumption reducing and in the optimization of energy and water resourcing is fundamental to ThermoKey at present, besides to the use of completely recyclable materials.

Sustainability is Thermokey core business strategy, not only on the products front. Soon the first Sustainability Report will be published, this will make it possible  to trace the virtuous path undertaken so far and define the guidelines that will determine future activities and investments.

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