Thermokey - Microchannel are 55% more convenient than traditional solutions.

Due to F-Gas regulation, HFC refrigerants are increasing their cost and are becoming – day by day – more difficult to find on the market.

For example, in the last 7 months we have seen a 225% price increase for R404a (now around 58 Euro / Kg). The market expects the same level of price increase for all the refrigerants in phase-out like R507, R410A, R407F

Phase Out HFC refrigerants
  • 2020: operational limitation of stationary refrigeration equipment (see F-GAS regulation).
  • 2022: operational limitation of commercial refrigerators and multipack centralised refrigeration systems (seee F-GAS regulation).
  • 2025: operational limitation of single split A/C systems (see F-GAS regulation).
  • 2015: operational limitation of domestic refrigerators (see F-GAS regulation).

ThermoKey is one of the few companies in the world able to produce in its plants both traditional Tube&Fin Remote condensers and Microchannel Remote Condensers, and for this reason, it is able to compare these solutions in terms of performances, weight and internal volume (refrigerant charge).

500 kW remote condenser comparison

The net price of a 500kW remote condenser with a microchannel core (TKMicro inside) is 23% lower than the equivalent model in tube & fin technology but the cost of the R404a refrigerant now is higher than the traditional condenser!

Another comparison, a smaller Ammonia (R717) 150kW remote condenser.

150 kW remote condenser comparison

The cost of the refrigerant here is very low because Ammonia is a green refrigerant zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and zero GWP (Global Warming Potential).

Copper tubes are not compatible with ammonia and stainless steel tubes are much more expensive than the Aluminium ones.

A typical V-Type 14 fan tube & fin condenser charged with R404a can cost more than 40K€. A good alternative is a Stainless Steel unit charged with Ammonia. This solution is 22% more convenient than the R404a one.

The Microchannel remote condenser solution, thanks to its internal volume and its price, using R404a, is 46% more convenient than the traditional solution.

Taking into consideration a Microchannel Remote condenser charged with Ammonia refrigerant, it is even more convenient: 58% of the investment. These savings are calculated without considering taxation like IGFEI and regulation procedures deriving from UNI EN 378 2017.

1000 kW remote condenser comparison

Aluminium Microchannel technology is an eco-friendly, light and beautiful solution that helps you control costs and make an eco-friendly choice.