drycooler silenziosi banca svizzera

drycooler silenziosi banca svizzera


Basilea, Svizzera

Bisogni del cliente

Drycooler estremamente silenzioso perché posizionato nel centro di Basilea

drycooler silenziosi banca svizzera


Drycooler Power Line modello GR2590.AZ 6/02 V Q4EAF(EC)


Capacità di 200kW con glicole etilenico per raffreddare da 45 ° a 40 ° C a una temperatura ambiente massima di 35 ° C

Soluzione ThermoKey

L’unità fornita è dotata di ventilatori EC brushless residenziali con numero di giri ridotto (315 rpm, rumorosità max dell’unità 32 dB (A) a 10 mt)

Every detail, even the smallest one, is designed to achieve the best Dry Cooler solution which meets the customer needs. Entry working conditions (requested capacity, temperature and type of fluid, noise level and eventually other plant restrictions). It is possible to verify the performances of each unit in one or more specific working conditions.

In order to verify the correct pressure of the circuit, in the Kellermann Center at San Pietroburgo the unit is supplied with nitrogen charge of about 3 bars, which can be checked on the manometer mounted in factory.

ThermoKey has designed a proper self-emptying drainable system during winter time to avoid freezing risk of the finned pack. ThermoKey can also produce heat exchangers completely in 304 or 316L stainless steel for special applications (particularly aggressive environments) or fluids.
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