Kellermann Center San Pietroburgo

Kellermann Center San Pietroburgo


San Pietroburgo, Russia


2 condensatori remoti KL2380CDVQIRA


Condizionamento per un business center. Il Kellermann è un business center multifunzionale situato nel centro storico di San Pietroburgo


400 kW cada uno

ThermoKey has designed for Kellermann Center the lifting eyes to ensure a correct and easy handling of the dry cooler in compliance with safety standards. Each fan module is separated from the other thanks to panels in order to avoid air by-pass and to optimize the efficiency of the heat exchanger. In this way the correct and proportional functioning of each module is granted.

A protection cover on the headers side and a closing cover on the return bend side of the coil avoid any damage even to the most fragile parts. Standard painted casing with C4 protection-class, designed in galvanized steel which is oven painted
with polyurethanic resins to guarantee a perfect durability over time.

In order to verify the correct pressure of the circuit, in the Kellermann Center at San Pietroburgo the unit is supplied with nitrogen charge of about 3 bars, which can be checked on the manometer mounted in factory.

ThermoKey has designed a proper self-emptying drainable system during winter time to avoid freezing risk of the finned pack. ThermoKey can also produce heat exchangers completely in 304 or 316L stainless steel for special applications (particularly aggressive environments) or fluids.
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