ThermoKey once again confirms to be the ideal partner for power stations owners and specialized installers/contractors.

The latest reference has been the cooling of Bergen -branded Rolls-Royce B35:40 V20 AG2 engines, in use by an energy provider located in Bangladesh.

The picture shows a pair of radiators cooling a splendid Rolls-Royce engine of 8,5 MWe with a 42,5°C ambient temperature.

The new Powergen radiator has been designed as an upgrade of old pre-existing radiators allowing  a quick and  plug & play replacement.



Area of interest:

Energy & Process Cooling


PowerGen Radiators: RDGQ1612FS S for Rolls Royce Engine B35:40 V20 AG2


  • 1665KW for HT circuit
  • 980KW for LT circuit

Client’s needs:

  • Plug and play solution to replace old radiators
  • Constant cooling performances in hot and high humidity environment
  • Size suitable for container  shipping
  • Low energy consumption

ThermoKey Solution:

  • Plug and play radiators for cost saving during installation
  • 2 radiators for each container for saving on transport cost
  • High efficiency fan motors for energy saving

Added value:

  • Attention on cost saving for installation and shipping procedure
  • Repair switches on each fan motor for safe and easy maintenance
  • Unit suitable for severe ambient conditions keeping constant performances
  • Short delivery time
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