TK-Archimede 2020 is characterized by the introduction of new features, by the new price list valid from today, in addition to the implementation of some accessories and the solution of some bugs.


  • Introduction of new materials: possibility to select directly from the software new fin materials (as Almg 2,5% for condensers and drycoolers)
  • Introduction of new accessories: possibility to select new fans for unit coolers 
  • Introduction of new translations: implementation of some translations on software and on print out (Polish and German for example)

Update Release and Archimede Software Activation 2020

This is an update of functions and units of the 2019 version. In all the cases below, it may be necessary to restart the PC at the end of the installation and maybe to install new windows components. If using the latest Archimede 2019 (190418) version it is sufficient to do a trueupdate in order to update it to the new Archimede 2020 release. All versions prior to Archimede 2018 (versions prior to 181116) must be uninstalled (deleting the installation folder) and Archimede 2020 setup must be installed directly from the website link.

Important note: the prices of the previous versions are no longer valid. Please download the latest 200331 release.

In the case of a new user (or Archimede version prior to 2018) it will be necessary to request a software user password: at the end of the installation, a window will open with your personal serial number.
Request your activation code at indicating your serial number, company name and email address. ThermoKey will send you the activation code.