Thanks to the experience and know-how gained in more than 30 years of activity in the HVAC/R sector, ThermoKey was chosen to participate in the discussion tables of CEN, the European Standardization Committee, in the field of regulations related to PED 2014 /68/EU.


CEN brings together the standardization bodies of 34 European countries and acts as a platform for the development of common standards at a European level.

The activities of this Committee cover many different areas, including products, materials, services, machinery, chemicals, pressure equipment, and the energy, construction, environment, health and safety, transport and packaging.

To ensure that all the  interested parties are protected and listened to, in addition to the regulatory bodies of European countries, CEN’s work involves the participation of companies, service providers, authorities, universities and research centres, trade associations, interest groups  representing consumers, environmentalists, unions, SMEs, and other public and private institutions.

Thanks to his long experience in the heat exchanger market and his in-depth knowledge of the microchannel market, gained in over 20 years work in ThermoKey technical office, which he has been leading since 2014, our manager Sandro Ortolano was invited to participate in the thematic working groups of the European Standardization Committee, in the context of regulations related to PED 2014/68/EU.

The extensive know-how of ThermoKey’s R&D area, combined with the direct knowledge of the different needs of customers at an international level and the collaborations with universities, laboratories and research institutions, has led to the birth of important innovations. Especially in the last 10 years the company has made significant investments to develop new efficient and durable solutions compatible with natural refrigerants, becoming one of the industry leaders when it comes to sustainable solutions.

In addition to the wide range of microchannel products, which guarantee significant energy savings and reduced environmental impact, the most recent example of the important results achieved is the Multi-System Dual Flow, our heat recovery technology, which also allows to optimize drive performance by up to +25%.

Project leader in important projects development in ThermoKey, Sandro Ortolano, responsible for the technical area of our company, was selected as an expert representing Italy by the national CT for CEN/TC 182 WG 6 and CEN/TC 182 WG 7. By holding this role he will have the opportunity to express his point of view and share ideas and opinions within the CEN working groups that deal with topics pertinent to the HVAC/R sector, in the context of regulations related to PED 2014/ 68/EU.

We are happy to be able to contribute to setting the standards of the future, providing the technical expertise of ThermoKey for the creation of solutions and processes increasingly innovative and sustainable at a European level.