ThermoKey is ready for Chillventa 2018.

We will be present at the Nuremberg Exhibition from 16th to 18th October 2018.

ThermoKey presents at Chillventa its new solutions for HVAC and refrigeration markets.


Here’s what’s new this year at our stand:


A reliable and easy system which, thanks to its adiabatic control system, guarantees capacity and low impact on the environment avoiding aerosol set of problems.

Archimede — New release

The software for the selection of air fan units completely updated and with new graphics.

It comprehends 4.500 standard solutions and 15 million different configurations.

Among what’s new in this release, there is the possibility to select also products with EPS adiabatic system (Evaporative Panel System).

Cardano — New release

The software for the selection of microchannel units with 500 standard solutions and 80.000 different configurations.

Dual Flow Unit coolers

Thought for the industrial refrigeration, our Dual Flow unit coolers are suitable to all food applications thanks to the wide range of finishings and materials with which they can be manufactured.

TK Smart

A range of highly performing remote condensers thanks to the better ratio between weight and specific capacity.

Moreover they have a light and robust structure, manufactured 100% in recyclable aluminium which also needs low refrigerant charges.

TK Micro

The microchannel cores, manufactured totally in aluminium, guarantee a perfect balance among performances, pressure drops and lightness.

All the various configurations are compatible with all standard refrigerants, ammonia, propane and water.